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We also fix gas appliances

Certified Gas Appliance Repair & Installation

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We also fix gas appliances

Certified Gas Appliance Repair & Installation

Fridge Repair

The fridge is, without a doubt, one of the most important household appliances for any family. Without a functioning fridge, we wouldn’t be able to safely store the fresh food we use to make our nutritious meals. A faulty fridge can lead to food spoiling, which is a waste. So if you are experiencing any problems with your fridge, contact us, the fridge repair experts at Express Appliance Repair. Our Fridge Repair service is exactly what you’ll need to get your fridge up and running again. 

We have been doing fridge repairs in Toronto for over 25 years now, which means you can trust us with your fridge. Our team has years of expertise, so no matter what problem is affecting your fridge, we can fix it. We also offer same-day fridge repair Toronto service, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced by a faulty fridge for too long.

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    Our Experts Can Repair Your Fridge’s Compressor

    One common issue with fridges is a faulty compressor. As one of the few appliance repair companies in Toronto that can fix fridge compressors, Express Appliance Repair is the company to call if you are experiencing issues with your fridge’s compressor. The compressor is an essential part of your refrigerator, which is why you need to go with a reliable fridge repair company for compressor repairs. Watch the video below to learn more about our fridge repair Toronto service:


    Why Choose Us for Fridge Repairs in Toronto?

    We are the experts to contact for your fridge repair Toronto needs. Our team, of reliable appliance repair technicians, are on-hand to fix an issue that is impacting the performance of your refrigerator. We have built a solid reputation in Toronto for our fridge repairs because:

    • We are fully licensed and insured
    • We have over 25 years of experience
    • We provide a warranty of up to 1 year
    • We are experts in fridge repairs, which includes fridge compressor repairs and replacements
    • We are experts in repairing and/or replacing your refrigerator’s condenser coils
    • We are experts in freon refills and freon leak repairs
    • We can repair your refrigerator’s evaporator fan
    • We have the expertise to work with all refrigerator brands

    We Repair all Fridge Brands

    Here at Express Appliance Repair, we have experience working with many different refrigerator brands. You name it, we can work on it. Our team has been trained to perform fridge repairs on the following brands:

    Common Fridge Issues

    Try as we might, problems will occur with our appliances from time to time. That is why it helps to have a reliable fridge repair Toronto service on hand to help you when you are dealing with a faulty fridge. Contact the professional fridge repair technicians at Express Appliance Repair if your fridge is experiencing any of the following problems: 

    • The fridge doors are not closing properly
    • Your fridge is leaking
    • Ice maker is broken
    • Fridge is not cold enough
    • The freezer is broken
    • Your refrigerator is loud or noisy
    • The water dispenser is not working

    Same-Day Fridge Repair Toronto Service

    As we mentioned before, we offer same-day fridge repairs across Toronto. Our team understands the importance of your refrigerator, which is why we offer our same-day services. Our team won’t leave you alone to deal with a faulty fridge for an extended period of time. We have technicians across the GTA to ensure that our valued customers experience speedy service. We can help fix any fridge problems you have, in most cases in the SAME DAY!

    Our Fridge Repair Toronto Process

    Fridges from different brands are all built differently. This is why we train our technicians on fridge repairs from every brand. You never know what you will see when you start to work on a fridge, which is why we ensure that our fridge repair technicians are prepared for anything. 

    Sometimes it may seem like the easier option to replace a broken appliance, but this isn’t the most economical choice. Professional fridge repairs will save you money down the road because it extends the life of your fridge so that you don’t have to buy a new one. 

    The best way to stay on top of fridge issues is to do regular maintenance. Cleaning the coils, for example, is something you can do to maintain your fridge. You can also schedule regular maintenance check with a professional appliance repair company. This will help keep your fridge in tip-top shape.

    Don’t Stress, Call Express!

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    Common Questions People Ask Us

    Depending on the issue with the fridge, people usually spend anywhere from $200 – $400 on average.

    Here are a few things you can do to care for your refrigerator:

    • Clean condenser coils (2 times a year)
    • Clean and replace the gasket
    • Defrost your fridge
    • Clean the inside of your fridge
    • Deodorize your fridge
    • Replace your fridge’s water filter

    The temperature in your fridge will decrease by a couple degrees every hour. You should keep the fridge door shut as long as possible, at least until the problem has been remedied. 

    The issue could be with a faulty ice and water filter, water inlet valve, water dispenser actuator, or dispenser control board. Give us a call if your water dispenser is not working.

    When we take your call, we will take note of the make, model, and the problem your fridge is experiencing. With this information, we will load our van with several parts that might need to be replaced. This means that we will be able to perform the repairs on the spot. However, in the rare event that we need to order a part, our technicians will advise regarding the procedure and duration. In any case, we have access to the most common parts for all major brands. 

    Yes. We can repair your fridge on the weekend.

    You don’t have to worry if your refrigerator breaks again due to the same problem after our team has completed the work. That’s because the repairs will be covered by our satisfaction guarantee. 

    In order to maintain fresh food, your fridge should be at 0°- 4° Celsius (32°- 40° F)

    First thing is first: check that the thermostat on your fridge has been set correctly – this can be the root of the problem. If this is not the issue, it can be several other things. Contact us if the thermostat is set correctly but your fridge keeps warming.

    One thing you can do is put an open box of baking soda on a shelf in your fridge because the baking soda will soak up bad odours. You can also mix baking soda with lemon juice and use that to wipe your fridge clean.

    First, make sure that your fridge is on even ground. If strange noises persist, check around your fridge for anything that might on top of the fridge that might be rattling against the normal vibrations of your fridge. If the noise persists, then you should call experts to repair the problem.

    It could merely be because of a clog in the supply line. You can attempt to fix this by unplugging your fridge. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can call Express Appliance Repair.