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fridge repairThere’s nothing more unsettling than having one of your household appliances let you down when you need it most. We have become increasingly dependent on such items as our refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and washers. Even if some of these appliances aren’t necessarily used on a daily basis, they certainly help us save time and energy regularly. A broken refrigerator can mean spoiled food while a faulty washer will mean that your laundry will either pile up or you will need to start washing by hand. Neither of which are particularly appealing options. With Express Appliance Repair, you need not worry about living without any of your appliances. Simply call us on (647) 483-9051 and our team will right over to perform the necessary repairs!

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Why Express Appliance Repair Ajax?

At Express Appliance Repair, our team understands the important role of every appliance in every Ajax home. We also realize that appliances have a habit of breaking down when it’s least convenient, and urgent repairs are essential. This is why our team offers 24/7 Ajax appliance repairs. No matter the day or the time, you can rest assured that we will be available for all your household appliance repair needs. Our trained technicians are experienced in performing repairs on all home appliances of every make and model. We always come prepared with a fully equipped and stocked van which allows us to perform repairs on the spot. For added peace of mind, all of our repairs are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you do not pay if your appliance is not fixed!

Fridge Repair Ajax


If you are looking for professional Ajax fridge repairs, look no further! Express Appliance Repair technicians are trained and experienced in repairing any refrigerator problem. From faulty motors and thermostats to menacing leaks, we’ll have your fridge back up and running in no time! Of all the appliances in your home, fridge repairs are the most time-sensitive of all. As soon as you notice any strange noise or problem with your refrigerator, we encourage you to avoid excessive opening and closing while waiting for our team to arrive. This will help ensure that your food does not spoil.

Stove Repair Ajax


A stove that gets too hot or not quite hot enough is no good. Whether a single burner is giving you trouble or all four, it’s not something that should be ignored. Both electric and gas stoves should always be repaired by a professional for safety and other reasons. Express Appliance Repair provides speedy same day Ajax stove repairs all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team will arrive with all the necessary equipment as well as spare parts in order to speed up the repair process. Don’t put your cooking needs on hold, call us for fast stove repairs!

Dishwasher Repair Ajax


Our team of experts at Express Appliance Repair have come across every possible problem with dishwashers. Whether dishes are not coming out as clean as they should or the dishwasher is not draining, we’ve repaired it all. No matter the make or model of your dishwasher, our same day service team will save you the trouble of hand washing. We are available 24/7, and our technicians always come prepared with several parts to help speed up the dishwasher repairs.

Washer Repair Ajax


If you have ever lived without a washing machine, you’ll know just what a backbreaking experience this can be. Many of us have become so accustomed to loading the machine and pressing a few buttons, that it’s difficult to imagine having to spend ours soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing out each item of clothing. If your washer starts giving you trouble or won’t turn on at all, call Express Appliance Repair. With our same day Ajax washer repairs, you won’t need to spend a single minute hunched over the tub or handbasin!

Dryer Repair Ajax


Your clothes are clean, and now all that’s left is to pop everything in the dryer. Of course, as simple as this might sound, there are moments when your dryer might not be up to the task. Some common problems that our technicians have encountered include dryers failing to turn, not switching on, or running too hot or cold. Any one of these problems can make laundry a nightmare. Fortunately, with our fast service, your dryer will be up and running in no time! Call Express Appliance Repair for same day Ajax dryer repairs.

Oven Repair Ajax


There’s nothing like the smell of something delicious baking in the oven. Whether you’re partial to baking cookies or you enjoy making savory dishes, your oven is absolutely indispensable. This is why so many people become frantic when they notice a problem with their oven. Thermostat issues and gas or electric supply problems are the most common culprits. Rather than resorting to ordering fast food, call us for fast oven repairs!

Don’t settle for less than the best!

When it comes to such important items as your household appliances, quality repairs are essential. The last thing anyone wants is to pay for repairs only to have their stove, fridge, or any other appliance break down all over again. With Express Appliance Repair, you can be sure that every appliance repair is meticulously performed and we cover all Ajax appliance repairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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