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cooktop installation

Express Appliance Repair team offers specialized cooktop installation services for all over Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our appliance repair technicians have years of experience troubleshooting and installing cooktops for clients. Express Appliance Repair understands the science behind cooktops well and are efficient in working with various brands and models so that you can get back to your routine, as quickly as possible. We are here to ensure that your cooktop installation goes smoothly. Get in touch with our experts today!

Greater Toronto Area Cooktop Installation Services

Our technicians are licensed and skilled to install any and all types of Cooktops. At Express Appliance Repair we have provided our cooktop installation services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. These include:

  • Securing the cooktop is installed in the right place
  • Following installation guidelines specific to the brand or model
  • Proper Electrical Wiring
  • Verifying All Connections
  • Ensure Functionality Through Real World Testing

Your Trusted Cooktop Installation Provider

We understand that finding a reliable and local cooktop installation provider might be difficult. That is why Express Appliance Repair’s services are designed to assure our customers that we will solve their issues in a timely manner. With over 25 years of experience, we know what our clients need and are able to install all types and sizes of cooktop surfaces safely, securely and efficiently 

Quick and Easy Results

cooktop installation projectCooktops can be tricky and confusing to install even for contractors or handypeople, but cooktop installation is no match for the specialist appliance technicians at Express Appliance Repair. Our aim is to install any cooktops or to fix any issues at hand within the same day. We constantly strive to deliver the best service and quality that our clients can always be sure to rely on.

Fully Insured and Certified

All our technicians are certified and insured. That is how we can assure you that our service calls are safe, and always carried out by our expert professionals with years of experience as well as sound knowledge and experience in the field. Our goal is for our clients to trust us with their appliances and welcome us into their homes so we can install and troubleshoot the cooktop for them. Our technicians are always professional and prioritize complete customer satisfaction.

Economical and Competitive Prices

Here at Express Appliance Repair, we believe that quality work doesn’t have to come at high prices. From professional evaluation to labour costs and spare parts, we bring you full transparent pricing. We are clear in our explanation of our prices and encourage you to ask for a free estimate before we arrive for the installation or service call. Only when you are satisfied with our competitive prices do we book your cooktop installation.

When it comes to appliances, price does matter and we aim to save you money on future, costly appliance replacements. And if you are looking for help with cooktop installations, then give us a call for same-day appliance repairs.

Popular Questions

Usually paired with a wall oven, a cooktop is built into a counter and heated with gas, electricity, or induction. Cooktop sizes range from 30″ to 36″. Cooktops require a cutout in the countertop where they can be dropped into the hole, whereas ranges require a break in the countertop, so you’ll have two separate pieces.

In most Canadian kitchens, you will find a range. Cooktops are flat, open surfaces that do not have an oven beneath them but are integrated into countertops. It is common to refer to the top of a range as a “cooktop” rather than the standalone appliance, but it can also be referred to as a “stovetop”. Both ranges and cooktops are available in a variety of sizes and available in both gas and electric options. In addition to buying a cooktop instead of a range, most people also buy a single or double wall oven to bake, roast, and broil.

Cooktops are designed for specialized cooking, frying and sauteeing and are a little more niche than say a range or stove-top. Cooktops also require a portion of the countertop to be custom cut to fit, and this can make cooktops slightly more costly when compared to installing a stand-alone oven with a stovetop.

Cooktops are slightly more expensive to repair due to their relative niche popularity within the home and just based on the nature of their built-in installation. Using the appliance within its means and performing proper maintenance is important for any household appliance but, ultimately especially a cooktop.

There are many reasons why home chefs and kitchen designers choose cooktops. Cooktops provide additional storage space, which would otherwise be taken up by a range oven. Cooktops and ovens are separate, so you can have a true double oven; most kitchen ranges only have a single oven or a small second oven.

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