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Common oven problems include temperature issues or failure to turn on at all. If your oven is getting far too hot or not hot enough, it could be due to thermostat problems or another fault. Whether you have an electric, safety is always a concern. This is why repairs should always be performed by a trained oven repair professional. Even though you shouldn’t try to do oven repairs on your own, there are some things you can check to help your technician diagnose the problem.

oven repair

If you notice that your roasts aren’t quite coming out delicious and perfectly cooked as they usually do, check the temperature of your oven. If it’s much hotter or colder than it should be according to the temperature dial, then it’s time to call your appliance repair service.

In case your oven does not turn on at all, you might want to check a few things first. For electric stoves, make sure that your electricity is on and that there’s no fault with the plug. Test the plug by using another appliance that you’re sure works perfectly well.Express Appliance Repair can work on any oven brand, from the most popular ones to those less known. If you electric supply is perfectly fine but your oven simply does not turn on, trust our expert services and contact us today!

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You can keep your oven in tip-top shape by performing the following tasks:

  • Clean your oven regularly.
  • Don’t clean under your oven’s knobs.
  • Unplug your oven when you’re cleaning it with water.
  • Replace the gas.
  • Inspect your oven’s burners.
  • Create a barrier at the bottom of your oven to catch and spills.

A simple reason for this can be food residue. Always check for any kind of residue before you start baking.

In most cases, the cause of bad odors from your oven is lack of proper maintenance. For example, grease residue or any kind of food spillage will cause bad odors in your oven. Cleaning products not recommended for oven maintenance can also cause these smells, so make sure you use products that have been tested on ovens.

There are many oven cleaning products available on the market today. To keep your oven clean for a long time, we recommend cleaning food spills right away. This will eliminate the possibility of stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. If you prefer home-made remedies, you can use a mixture of warm water and baking soda and leave it overnight. Remove the paste residue tomorrow morning.

If you notice that the temperature in your oven never quite gets to where you want it to go, you could be having issues with the temperature sensor in the oven, or it just needs to be calibrated. Our oven technicians can run the necessary test with your oven to diagnose the problem and get it fixed pronto.

If you are hearing loud noises as soon as you turn on the oven, the reason is most likely the circulation fan. If you’re hearing noises after the oven has been on for a while, the cause is probably the cooling fan. To check if these two parts are damaged, you should always unplug the device from the power source first.

If your oven isn’t turning on, it could be because of fuse problems, issues with your oven’s igniters, or faulty switches and/or sensors. If you are dealing with an oven that won’t turn on, call our oven technicians for speedy repairs.

For noises like this, it is good to check the igniter and burner as they might be burned out or blocked. If you don’t feel comfortable checking this issue on your own, call for an oven repair technician as soon as possible.

When your meals come out overcooked from the oven, the problem is most likely the thermostat, which is designed to regulate the temperature in your oven.  An oven repair professional can fix this problem for you.

In most cases, your oven isn’t cooking properly because of 3 elements: the igniter, the bake element or the broil element. When the bake element works properly, it looks red hot. A faulty bake element causes uneven temperatures and needs to be replaced by an oven repair professional. If your oven’s broil element doesn’t work, only the bake element will work, which will result in unevenly cooked food as well.

If your oven doesn’t preheat properly, chances are the heating element isn’t working. You can test this by firing up the oven and leaving the door open so that you can put your hand in and feel the temperature.

There are a couple locations where the model and the serial number of your oven can be. Your oven should be labeled either behind the door, on the left leg behind the drawer, under the cooktop (lift-up styles) and inside the drawer (front frame).

If you have a self-cleaning unit that fails to open after the cycle has finished, there are a couple things you can try. First, you can plug out the unit and plug it back in after 5 minutes, then try to gently open the door. The second thing you can do is to set the cycle again and cancel it after 15 minutes.

If your oven is running too hot, you will end up with food that’s burned or possibly cooked on the outside but raw on the inside. Ovens that are too cold will not cook your food at all. If your stove is still working, it’s best to stick to stovetop meals at this stage.

We do our utmost to arrive within 3 hours of you making that call. We understand how important your household appliances are and we treat each case as urgent.

Repairing your oven yourself will take longer and it could end up costing considerably more than a professional repair. In addition, if you attempt repairs yourself, you might make the problem worse.

All of our oven repairs are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. If your oven experiences the same problem after we have completed repairs, contact our team immediately for urgent service.

We always do everything possible to complete oven repairs within our first visit. Our team arrives with all the necessary equipment and various parts in order to ensure speedy repairs.






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