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dryer repairWith over 15 years of experience fixing dryer we have become GTA’s #1 appliance repair company. Dryers are essential, especially for those who lead busy lives. They are even more important during the colder months when laundry takes that much longer to air dry. In order to dry your clothing properly, it’s important that your dryer maintains a certain temperature. If your dryer becomes too hot, your laundry can come out damaged and you’re going to need the help of a dryer repair technician. On the other hand, if your dryer isn’t getting hot at all, then your laundry won’t dry.

Another common problem relates to the tumbling action of the dryer. If your dryer does not turn, then it will cause uneven drying or even damage to your laundry. Both of which are certainly not ideal. When you notice any kind of problem with your dryer, it’s important that you call a fully trained dryer repair technician urgently. We operate all over Toronto and the GTA.

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Is Your Dryer Making Noises?

There could be a number of reasons why your dryer is making noises, but there’s no doubt that the experts at Express Appliance Repair will get to the bottom of it. Your dryer is a very complex appliance. There are many parts that could be vulnerable when something stops working, which is why it’s so important to call for the help of a professional right away. If you’re hearing noises, give us a call!

Is Your Dryer Not Starting Up?

If your dryer is not starting up, the last thing you want to do is panic. One of the worst things to do is Google the issue and attempt to fix it yourself. This can cause other issues in the long term and end up costing you more money than you had anticipated. Don’t stress and call the best! Call the team of expert technicians at Express Appliance repair and have your dryer working again in no time.

Is Your Dryer Not Providing Enough Heat?

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Not enough heat in your dryer? Is your clothing coming out damp? This is a big concern when you’ve paid good money for a working dryer. The last thing you want is damp or wet clothing in your home.

If you have a dryer that’s beginning to take way too long to dry your clothing (or to dry them at all), then it’s important to contact a certified technician before things go from bad to worse.

Error Codes

Error codes are not the first thing any of us want to see when we try to turn on our machines. They don’t always mean anything specifically and are often signs that things are not going according to plan inside your appliance. While you may be able to locate the dryers manual and attempt to decipher the code on your own, you’d be much better off with the help of a certified technician. Call the team of experts at Express Appliance Repair and have them ensure that your appliance is working even better than it did when you brought it home

You can maintain your dryer by doing the following:

  • Clean the vent.
  • Clean the lint sheet regularly.
  • Don’t put soiled clothes in your dryer. Only put clothes that have first been through your washer.
  • Wipe down the outside of your dryer from time to time.

The problem with all appliance repairs is that you often need to replace a faulty part. Most dryer repair technicians carry spare parts with them, so same day repair is highly likely if they have the necessary part.

To clean out stains inside your dryer drum you should make a paste with warm water and powdered laundry detergent. Rub the insides of the drum thoroughly and wipe off paste residue. To dry the drum, tumble a load of clean towels or clothes.

To avoid potential dangers and malfunctions, clean the lint in your dryer after every cycle.

A dryer can overheat for a few reasons. If there is restricted airflow to your dryer, then hot air can get stuck in your dryer. Also, if the cycling thermostat breaks down, then it won’t automatically shut off the heating element when temperatures in your dryer get high. Finally, the heating element in your dryer could have shifted closer to other components and started heating those components.

There are a number of reasons why your dryer isn’t heating up properly, including a defective heating element, an insufficient voltage to your dryer, a faulty thermal fuse, a thermostat that’s not working, and a broken timer motor. When your dryer is heating properly, give our dryer technician a call for reliable repairs.

When dryer cycles last long, the first thing you should have in mind is how much clothes you’re actually putting in it. So before you call the dryer repair professional, make sure you’re putting in the appropriate amount of laundry. If you are putting in the right amount of clothes, but the problem still exists, the issue might be the coil, the lint filter or the drum seal. In any case, your appliance repair technician can help you determine the cause and the solution to the problem.

If you notice any unusual noises coming from your dryer in the middle of your cycle, make sure you pause it until you figure it out. Ignoring the noise can lead to major problems. The reasons for such noises can be something simple like a foreign object in the drum. With more complex issues such as disintegrating gliders, worn rollers or a damaged belt, it is best to call a dryer repair technician to fix the issue properly.

The problem with tumble drying your clothes is that no matter what you do, the items won’t smell as fresh as air dried. In this case, you can try using bounce sheets to enhance the smell or put in a baby wipe with a drop of essential oil with the clothes.

You can determine whether or not you’re overloading your dryer just by how your clothes come out after the cycle. For example, if your clothes come out wrinkly, or even damp, you’re probably putting too many clothes in.

A frequent cause of the dryer not spinning well is a faulty dryer belt. Replacing it can be a tricky thing to do, so the best solution is to hire a dryer repair professional to do it for you.

If your dryer won’t start, the problem can be as simple as your door switch, or as complex as the motor. With issues like this, it’s always best to call a dryer repair technician to determine the cause and fix the issue.

If your dryer takes a long time to dry, the most common problem is the venting hose. If there is blockage in the venting hose, this significantly affects the rate at which your clothes dry.

If your dryer is running hot, it’s not a good idea to use it until it’s repaired. You could end up with seriously damaged clothing. If your dryer is not getting warm at all, then using it would be pointless and you would use electricity for nothing really. It’s best to sit tight until a professional tends to the issue.

If your dryer experiences the same problem after our repair team has completed the work, it’s covered by our guarantee, and we will ensure that the matter is resolved promptly.

In the case of dryer repairs, it’s always good to leave your appliance as is and remove any clothing from the dryer before repair technicians arrive. Do not attempt repairs yourself!

Our team arrives with tools and various parts for your dryer. After assessing the problem, our technicians will replace the necessary parts. If the part is not currently available, our technicians will advise on further steps. That said, we have an extensive variety of parts on hand for dryers of all makes.

If we have the part on hand in our van, then repairs can be completed on the spot. We always aim to complete repairs during our first visit.






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