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We also fix gas appliances

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Dryer not Spinning

Does your dryer refuse to spin after a certain amount of time working, or is it leaving your wet clothes after after hours of drying? This article will help teach you about common issues that may lead to dryers not spinning and what you can do to solve such problems.

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Benefits of Service

  • Saves Cost: repairing your dryer saves more than having to get a new one. New dryers cost between $400 to $2,000. Why spend such an amount when you can fix the problem yourself at home.
  • Long Lasting: an average dryer’s lifespan goes for 8-12 years. Proper maintenance of the dryer helps extend its lifespan.
  • Makes Work Easy: the dryer is a valuable appliance in the home, as it makes the work of washing and drying your clothes manually even easier.

It’s perfectly ok to feel disorientated when you find your dryer not spinning. However, before you head on to call a professional to come fix it or think of replacing it, there are a few things you can fix yourself. I’ll be sharing very two common ones.

Broken Belt:

The dryer belt is what rotates the drum and drys your clothes. Your dryer won’t be able to dry your clothes without it. The dryer belt is very long and slender, wrapped properly round the dryer’s drum, a pulley tension , and also around the pulley drive motor . However, wear and tear can make the dryer belt to cut.

To solve this issue, you’ll have to inspect the belt to see if it’s broken. Rotate the drum, by reaching in with your hands, if it spins easily, it means the problem is a broken belt, and needs to be replaced.

Worn out Drum Roller:

Most dryers have two drum rollers, they support the back end, while some dryers also have two additional rollers that support the front end of the drum. If your dryer isn’t spinning, it means that one or more of the rollers might be worn out. However, for the dryer to work properly and not get overloaded, the roller must spin freely.

Why Choose Us

Your dryer is the one appliance that you simply cannot do without. So, when you need fast repairs, call Express Repair GTA at (647) 492-7773. Here are a few reasons why you should call us:

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