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2510, 2019
Why Your Fridge Door Won’t Close

Why Your Fridge Door Won’t Close

Have you woke up in the morning to find your refrigerator ajar, even though you know you had closed it the night prior? Though this is an annoyance for obvious reasons, it could also lead to food being spoiled and raise your electricity bill due to the appliance having to work harder to stay cold.

Before you think that fridge repair Toronto is necessary, there are a few common reasons they are unable to stay closed. Too much weight on the door, the refrigerator not being levelled or the hinges not being aligned are possible causes and are quick and easy fixes – if you have gone through these issues but it still won`t close properly, there is possibly a problem with your seal.

Check the Seal Before Seeking Fridge Repair Toronto

The seal (also known as a gasket) that surrounds your refrigerator door keeps in the cold air and prevents the door from opening.

At times, the gasket could become loose and just needs a helping hand in returning to its rightful place. While closed, run your hand along the door frame, feeling for air escaping – from there just pry it back in place.

Cleaning the Gasket

A mucked up seal may be the reason your refrigerator won’t remain closed.

To clean a gasket use a soft cloth with warm soapy water. Thoroughly clean inside the folds and get out all of the dirt, grime or grease and dry it with a dry cloth.

Replacing the Gasket

Sometimes the seal is just old and needs to be replaced. A good way to tell when its time for a new seal is when the old one is visibly damaged or hard instead of pliable.

If this is the case, find the brand and model you have, usually found on the back of the appliance and order a new gasket from the website of the manufacturer or visit a fridge repair Toronto shop.

Remove and Apply a Seal

Once you have a new seal, soak it in warm water to make it more pliable.

To remove an old gasket start by grabbing the inner side of the top edge and pull upwards – you will find screws holding it in place, remove them and it should easily come off. Installing the new one is done the same way but in the opposite order.

Close the door, if there are no drafts, you’ve done it! If there is a draft be sure the lip is behind the retailer wall. For gaps or warping use a blow dryer to mould it into place.


A damaged, misaligned or dirt gasket is the most common reason a refrigerator won’t close, but if you have tried all of the options listed above there may be a bigger problem and fridge repair Toronto may be necessary.

As mentioned previously, a fridge that won`t remain closed can cause food to go bad and cost money due to extra energy consumption so the sooner the fix the better.

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