2209, 2017
Bad Washer Smells – Common Causes and Remedies

Bad Washer Smells – Common Causes and Remedies

Doing laundry in your washer at home is the most convenient way of getting this chore done. Of course, this also means that you need to take proper care of your washer and this includes cleaning and repairs. If you notice a bad smell coming from your washer, you might want to hold off on doing another load. Fortunately, it is usually an easy fix!

Keep the Air Flowing

The first thing you can do to prevent bad smells is to always leave the door and detergent compartment of your washer open to air. Airing your washer is not just about leaving it open for a few hours but rather leaving it open permanently to allow constant airflow. Since the water will evaporate, it won’t have a chance to become stagnant and smelly.

Another good tip is to never use your washer as a laundry bucket. Like closing the door, this can restrict the airflow and trap the moisture, which ultimately results in bad smells. In addition, since there is no ventilation, you can expect your dirty laundry to smell even worse than before! Dirty socks, for example, will make all your other laundry smell just as bad as well as your washer itself!

Give Your Washer a Good Scrub

If you notice bad washer smells, you can give your washer a good clean with bleach or vinegar. Be sure to run a wash cycle after wiping the drum, door, and any other areas down. For an extra clean result, set the temperature to the highest level. Once you are finished, allow your washer to air and check again later for bad smells. Remember, if you use bleach, you need to ensure that the room is properly ventilated. Vinegar also has a strong smell, but you can rest assured that it does not have the same negative effects as bleach.

If Nothing Works, Call a Professional

Should none of these tips work, it might be time to call a professional. When you cannot freshen up your washer on your own, it could mean that mold spores have taken hold somewhere inside the appliance and it will need to be taken apart in order to perform thorough cleaning. This is a job best performed by experts.

Once the technician has diagnosed the cause and resolved the issue, it’s important to always keep your washer clean and dry. Only fill the drum with laundry when you plan on washing a load and make sure that you regularly run an empty load to give your washer a good clean from time to time.

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