0202, 2017
What to do if your washer is not cleaning your laundry properly

What to do if your washer is not cleaning your laundry properly

When you load laundry into your washer and select all the right settings, you expect your laundry to come out clean. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can make your washer less effective than it should be. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your clothes come out as spotless as possible.

Don’t overload
Overloading your washer will not only make it tough to ensure desired results, but it will also place added pressure on the working parts of your washer. Think about the weight of the laundry when it is completely soaked with water and how hard the motor needs to work to turn the drum. Detergent can also get trapped in between clothing items which will mean that you will notice a residue even after the rinse cycle is complete. Instead of forcing everything into a single load, split the loads up for better results and less wear on working parts.

Proper detergent habits
Make sure that you add the right amount of detergent – not too much and not too little. You should also add your detergent in the proper way. The type of washer and the type of detergent you are using will determine when and where those suds need to be poured in. Make sure that you also treat stains and pre-wash collars, sleeves, and any other problem areas before running your wash cycle.

Clean out lint
If the lint trap in your washer gets clogged, it can allow dirt to remain in the tub, and it can inhibit the drainage process. Make sure that you clean the lint filter on your washer regularly and especially after washing items that are known for releasing fibers.

Remove loose debris
If you or somebody in your home has done some yard work or enjoyed a friendly game of football, you may notice soil, grass, and other debris, Rather than tossing these items directly in the machine, you should shake or even rinse them off first. This prevents the debris from clogging the drainage system, and it also stops the dirt from clinging to other items in the wash.

Check for color running
We all have at least one or two items that need to be washed separately or even by hand because of discoloration. There are few things worse than washing a load of laundry only to find that your favorite shirt is ruined thanks to a red sock! Test any new clothes to find out whether the color runs and, if so, wash separately or by hand.

Clean your washer
While your washer is charged with the task of cleaning your laundry, it is not immune to dirt, and it also needs a good clean from time to time. Run a short cycle on your machine with cleaning agents to ensure that your washer looks and smells fresh! This will help clear out the drainage pipe too, which will make your washer more efficient and effective.

Don’t forget, if your laundry is not coming out as clean as it should or you notice any other problems like noises, failure to drain, and so on, call (647) 483-9051 right away for fast washer repairs by Express Appliance Repair.

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