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Top 6 Fridge Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Top 6 Fridge Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Although your refrigerator is probably one of the easiest household appliances to operate, many people still make one or more of these common mistakes. Not only do these common fridge maintenance mistakes affect the quality of your food, but they can also make it that much more difficult for your fridge to perform as it should.

Poor ventilation

While your fridge is perfectly cool inside, it has to release heat somewhere. You will notice that the air around the back of the fridge will get quite warm and you may also notice vents on top of the fridge. It is important to ensure that you have proper ventilation around your fridge. Failing to do so will cause heat to build up, and this can have a devastating effect on the life of your fridge.

Not closing the door

Whether you fail to shut the door properly or the door seals are worn or broken, this can cause significant problems. You may notice significant condensation inside your fridge as well as a higher temperature than usual. The motor of the fridge will also work harder which increases the wear and tear on several parts. Make sure your fridge you properly close your fridge every time and, if you notice cracks or damage to the door seals, replace them urgently.

Overfilling is one of major fridge maintenance mistakes

Your fridge relies on the circulation of cold air to keep your food cool and fresh. If you overfill your fridge, you will prevent air from effectively circulating around all the food and beverages inside. Preventing proper air circulation can result in uneven temperatures throughout the fridge which mean that some foods might get very cold and other items will not. Make sure that you pack your fridge wisely to allow air flow.

Temperature set too low

It might be tempting to set the temperature in your fridge to one of its lowest settings. While you might need to adjust the temperature of your fridge from time to time, it should never be set to its lowest. Selecting this temperature setting will put unnecessary stress on the working parts of your fridge, including the motor. You may also notice that some of the food in your fridge will start to freeze and ice will start to form on various parts of the interior of your fridge. It’s better to set your fridge to cool but not too cold. Check the user manual if you are unsure.

Refrigerating hot food

While you might be tempted to place a fresh pot of food straight in the fridge without allowing it to cool to room temperature, this is never a good idea. Not only will the hot food cause the temperature inside your fridge to rise, but it will also increase the temperature of other perishables in the fridge which presents a health risk. A sudden temperature increase will also cause the motor to swing into action and work that much harder to reach the set temperature.

Poor cleaning schedule

Finally, you have to clean your fridge regularly to your fridge needs to ensure that it works properly and to avoid various problems. When cleaning your fridge, make sure that you check the drainage system. This tube can easily become blocked which can cause water to build up inside your fridge and result in leaks on the floor around your fridge. When cleaning your fridge, make sure that you regularly move your fridge so that you can clean around the sides and the back in particular.

By avoiding these fridge maintenance mistakes, you will ensure that your food stays fresh and you will prevent excessive wear and tear. If you notice any problems with the way your fridge is performing, make sure that you call trained experts. Express Appliance Repair offers speedy same day fridge repairs throughout GTA.