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1701, 2017
The risks of DIY appliance repairs

The risks of DIY appliance repairs

We’ve all been through it; one of our essential household appliances breaks down, and our first thought is either, “Oh, I can fix this” or, “I’m sure my buddy can get it working again”. The problem with DIY appliance repairs is that there are so many hidden risks. These risks vary depending on the fault and the type of appliance but one thing is for sure, you should always get a professional to diagnose and perform repairs!

Safety and DIY appliance repairs don’t go together

The main risk of performing any kind of appliance repair yourself is that you could be compromising your safety. Whether the appliance is electric, fire risks are a very real concern. Under par wiring repairs can lead to a short in the system, and it doesn’t take long for a fire to run rampant throughout your home.

Fires can spread from you home to those of your neighbors, which obviously puts them at risk as well. Not to mention the insurance and home repair nightmare that will follow. Again, putting you and those around you in great danger. Remember, you also need to make sure that the person you hire is qualified and certified.

You end up spending more money

When performing diagnostics and repairs yourself, you run the risk of making the problem worse and/or spending more money than you would by hiring a professional. In so many cases, DIY appliance repairs result in additional damage during the dismantling process which means that at least one more part would need to be replaced as a result. A trained professional also knows where to source the right parts and how to make sure they don’t cost too much.

In most cases, repair technicians work closely with parts suppliers which means that they get spare parts at the best prices. Even when paying for labor, the lower part price makes it more than worthwhile. If your refrigerator breaks down, shopping for parts yourself can result in serious delays. Not to mention possibly taking time off from work. By the time your fridge is up and running again, some (or all) of your food could have already gone bad.

You’ll waste precious time

While our days still have the same amount of hours, many of us can’t help but feel like we have less and less time each day to do everything we had planned. Repairing an appliance yourself means that you will need to take time off to perform the diagnosis, search for parts, and perform the repairs yourself.

You won’t accomplish much

We think that we will be able to perform repairs ourselves because of those who claim that it’s “so easy”. Unfortunately, with every appliance repair, there are often hidden elements that only professionals know. For example, one broken part can also be an indication of another underlying problem. If you replace a part without actually knowing the underlying cause, the repair will be ineffective and waste more time and money.

You often give up halfway through

It’s also really common for unqualified people to begin the process of diagnosing the problem only to find that they have no idea where to look. They strip the appliance and remove various parts without the slightest inclination of what they are looking for. When this happens, many people either attempt to put everything back or they leave it all as is before calling a professional. By the time the experienced technician arrives, their job just got a whole lot more complicated, and this can mean more labor hours and, therefore, a higher repair cost at the end of the day.

Essentially, it’s just not worth the risk. Rather than run any of these risks, it’s always a good idea to have a professional diagnose the problem. In most cases, repairs will cost far less than replacing your appliance! Contact Express Appliance Repair for fast, professional service today.