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2802, 2017
Top 3 Most Common Dishwasher Issues

Top 3 Most Common Dishwasher Issues

Dishwashers can be somewhat complex appliances with several functions and various working parts that take their fair share of punishment. Whether you use your dishwasher daily or every other day, you are bound to experience some common dishwasher problems. Of all the possible issues, here are three of the most common dishwasher issues you’re likely to encounter.

Dirty dishes

If you load your dishes, run the wash cycle, and open up the dishwasher to find that your dishes are not as clean as they should be, there are a few possible reasons. Firstly, if you load your dishes into the dishwasher without rinsing them, it’s only a matter of time before the dirt starts accumulating. You might not notice it at first, but after a few weeks, you are bound to encounter problems. Even if you do rinse your dishes, over time, grime builds up and results in less than perfectly clean dishes. Regular cleaning can help prevent dishwasher issues like this.

Faulty parts like sprayer arms that are responsible for water distribution will also determine how clean your dishes come out. If your glasses and glassware come out foggy, you could have really hard water. Clean your dishwasher regularly to prevent the residue from building up. If the residue really builds up, some parts might need to be replaced. At the end of a wash cycle, your dishes will come out hot due to the high temperature of the steam. If your dishes come out wet rather than steamed, there could be a problem with the heating element.

Leaky dishwasher issues 

When your dishwasher starts leaking, there could be a disconnected or broken hose. If you can, check the inlet and outlet hoses for problems. If you cannot find the source, it’s a good time to call for professional assistance. Some other, more complex, causes of leaks include motor or drain pump problems. While waiting for a professional technician to arrive, you should prepare by grabbing some old towels and anything you can use to catch dripping water. This way, when the repair experts arrive, you will be ready.

Dishwasher not turning on 

If your dishwasher isn’t turning on at all, it’s best to check the power supply first. If your power is out or if the outlet is faulty, obviously your dishwasher will not work. So, test all of these possible causes before calling a technician. Given the electrical and electronic nature of dishwashers, it stands to reason that an electronic component is faulty. These problems are some of the toughest to diagnose and usually require the replacement of at least one part.

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