0912, 2016
How to Troubleshoot Dishwasher Problems

How to Troubleshoot Dishwasher Problems

Dishwashers perform a fairly basic function, but they consist of a number of complex parts. When one of these parts lets you down, it can be difficult to figure out. Here are some common dishwasher problems and their potential causes.

Dishwasher not cleaning properly

If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly or at all, there could be a number of reasons. The strain screen, sprayer arms, and other parts might be so full of food and grime that they don’t perform the task. You should also clean hard water buildup if there is any. In some cases, various parts can become so clogged and damaged that they repair technicians have to replace them. This is when you need to call a professional to get the job done fast.

Noisy dishwasher

Strange noises are among the most frequent dishwasher problems. All dishwashers make some noise. That said, if your dishwasher becomes noisier than usual, then it could be an indication of a wash arm seal, bearing ring, or pump issue. You might also want to check your spray arms and make sure that they are able to rotate without touching the racks. Remember, call in the pros for any part replacements! They will also be able to diagnose the problem within minutes.

Cloudy glass

If your glasses and glassware are coming out cloudy or white, you could have a serious hard water buildup. Regular cleaning can help prevent this from happening. In many cases, if the buildup is significant, a dishwasher repair technician may have to replace some parts.

Dishwasher not draining

If your dishwasher fills with water but does not drain, it can cause serious damage. Firstly, you might not be able to remove your dishes and, secondly, you could end up flooding your kitchen. Have a trained technician take a look for possible drain pump or motor problems. You can also check for any obstructions before calling a repair professional. Remember, the best way to prevent blockages is to rinse your dishes in your kitchen sink before loading your dishwasher. Large food particles get stuck and cause major problems.

Dishwasher doors not latching

If the latch on your dishwasher is not catching, you might need to have it replaced. Apart from normal wear and tear, electronic control issues could also be to blame. Have a technician take a look and perform the necessary repairs.

Leaky dishwasher problems

Like drainage problems, leaks can ruin your day! Before calling a technician, check the drainage hose for damage or cracks. If possible, check the heating element gaskets too. It’s important that you only inspect parts that are easily visible. Do not attempt to remove any parts or you could end up doing more harm than good.

Dishwasher not filling or won’t stop filling

If your dishwasher does not fill with water, it won’t be able to wash your dishes. Make sure that your water is turned on if the dishwasher isn’t filling with water. Faulty float switches, timers, or inlet valves can cause your dishwasher to continue filling and will need to be replaced before you use your dishwasher again.

Dishwasher won’t turn on

If there’s no problem with the power in your home, then the problem might be due to a faulty latch or door switch. If this is not the case, if might be an electronic control issue. No matter the cause of the problem, it’s best to call a technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

Dishes not drying

When you open your dishwasher, you normally need to leave the door open while the heat escapes. If your dishes are not coming out hot and dry, then there could be a problem with the heating element. Have your technician check the element to establish whether or not it’s working properly.

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