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0906, 2017
Professional Miele Dishwasher Repairs by Express Appliance Repair

Professional Miele Dishwasher Repairs by Express Appliance Repair

No matter the size of your household, dishes always have a way of piling up. Spending several minutes or even over an hour handwashing every plate, knife, and fork is nobody’s idea of fun. The great design and affordability of Miele dishwashers are what attracts so many buyers to invest in this particular appliance. The company offers a variety of full-size or slimline dishwasher models. The latter being smaller and better suited for those with limited kitchen space. Like any other dishwasher brand, Miele dishwashers will not run forever without some form of regular maintenance and repairs from time to time. When you need urgent Miele dishwasher repairs, make sure that you call Express Appliance Repair at (647) 492-7773 for quality repairs backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Same Day Miele Dishwasher Repairs

At Express Appliance Repair, we recognize just how important it is to have a reliable dishwasher in your kitchen. Our team treats all Miele dishwasher repairs with the utmost urgency, and we are available every day (365 days a year) for your convenience. Whether your dishwasher breaks during the week, over a weekend, or on a holiday, we won’t let you down! Should you not be available for our team to come out right away, simply schedule the repairs for the evening, weekend, or when it suits you the best. We always do everything in our power to accommodate our clients’ needs.

We service the whole Greater Toronto Area, and our technicians know how to perform fast and reliable Miele dishwasher repairs. No matter the fault or the model, we always arrive prepared with the right tools and parts to ensure speedy service.

Common Miele Dishwasher Fault Codes and Meanings

If you notice an error on your Miele dishwasher, check this list to learn more about the possible cause:

  • F01-This error indicates a water or heating NTC or a short circuit. As a result, heating will not occur, and the rinse aid is not dispensed.
  • F02-Another water or heating NTC issue or open-circuited leads result in this error on the display. Similar to the previous error, heating will not occur, and the rinse aid will also not be dispensed.
  • F11-This indicates a drainage fault and lets you know that there is water in the dishwasher that cannot be evacuated.
  • F12-There is a water intake fault that occurred during the first few seconds of the water intake step of the wash cycle. If you do not have a problem with the water supply in your home, it could indicate another problem with the intake system.
  • F13-Similar to the previous fault except that this error message is displayed when the wash cycle is interrupted due to a water intake fault at any point during the cycle.
  • F14-This is another water intake issue that could be caused by the heater pressure switch, circulation pump, a blockage, defective flow meter, or other pump or motor issues.
  • F15-This error code indicates a problem with the hot water intake.
  • F18-The wash program was interrupted due to a water inlet problem or interference pulses.
  • F19-Stiff flow meter that does not turn freely.
  • F24-Heater relay problems like contacts that have fused together, moisture in this part of the dishwasher, or a problem with the plug on the heater relay’s exit point.
  • F25-Desired temperature problem usually due to a faulty heater, heater relay, or too much detergent or rinse aid.
  • F26-This is a boiling protection code designed to stop the dishwasher if the NTC temperature sensor exceeds 194°F (90°C). This is often due to a faulty heater relay, problems with your NTC temperature sensor, or a closed heater relay.
  • F40-Electronic errors are just that – electronic, and they usually require the replacement of the faulty electronic component.
  • F42-A line frequency registration error is the case when there is a power supply issue.
  • F47-Mains frequency registration error
  • F51-Heater pressure switch problem due to defective heater relay, faulty heater relay solenoid, open-circuited connection to the electronic module from the heater relay, open- or short-circuited heater pressure switch or open-circuited connection from heater pressure switch. There could also be debris n the heater pressure switch.
  • F52-Heater pressure switch is reset while heating usually due to excessive detergent or rinse aid or a faulty part like a heater pressure switch. If the pump pressure is not high enough, it can also cause this error.
  • F53-There is a fault with the speed sensor.
  • F63-There is a problem with the slide shutter.
  • F67-Slow circulation pump speed.
  • F68-Circulation pump continues to operate after the switch is off.
  • F69-Blocked circulation pump due to foreign objects or a faulty heater pressure switch.
  • F70-This error code indicates a fault with the float switch due to water in the drip pan, a defective switch, or even a warped drip pan.
  • F84-Error with slide shutter positioning.
  • F85-There is a fault with slide shutter signal change.
  • F86-This code lets us know that there is a problem with the salt container lid contact.
  • F87-Sensor softener problem.
  • F88-Problematic turbidity sensor often due to a faulty sensor, debris build up in the measurement path, or open-circuited wires.
  • F91-Inactive load size registration.

How to maintain your Miele dishwasher

The best way of avoiding problems with your dishwasher is proper maintenance. There’s no way of making all the working parts last forever, but you can enjoy greater value for money by taking care of your Miele dishwasher. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

• Take the time to clean out the filter in your dishwasher to prevent excessive clogging.
• Inspect the spray arm jets regularly and clean any grime or dirt off right away.
• Check and clean the rubber seals on your dishwasher to prevent debris and food from building up.Vinegar is a great natural option that won’t cost an arm and a leg!
• Sanitize your dishwasher from time to time by running the machine while empty. You can use vinegar instead of detergent to really clean out any gunk and remove odors.
• Call a professional technician as soon as you notice any strange behavior, noises, or an error code.

Common Miele dishwasher mistakes to avoid

• Don’t load dishes with food on them into your dishwasher. It will cause poor performance and blockages.
• Don’t use too much detergent or your dishes will come out worse than when they went in, and it could even result in a dishwasher error (see the fault codes above).
• Never overload your machine. There needs to be some space between each dish in order to allow the soap and water to move freely everywhere.
• Check all dishes to make sure that they are dishwasher safe. Note that you should never wash expensive crystal, wooden, gold or silver utensils in the dishwasher.

Don’t forget to call Express Appliance Repair at (647) 492-7773 for speedy Miele dishwasher repairs anywhere in the GTA. We are available 365 days a year, and our team specializes in professional Miele repairs including all dishwasher models.