0405, 2020
Dishwasher Repair: Why won’t the Spray Arms in my Maytag Dishwasher move?

Dishwasher Repair: Why won’t the Spray Arms in my Maytag Dishwasher move?

Dishwashers are not exactly simple machines. They are filled with many moving parts and when it comes to electronics, we all know that more moving parts lead to more possible issues arising. 

The dishrack, soap containers, and spray arms all have to work as one in order to deliver optimal results. However, over time, parts can begin to wear down and not work as they once did. One common problem that some Maytag dishwashers can face is the spray arms not turning properly. This problem can lead to your dishes not coming out as clean as they should. 

If you’re experiencing this problem, here are some simple steps from our dishwasher repair experts to take to ensure that your spray arms are functioning properly.


Built-Up Debris in Spray Arms

One of the more common issues that will cause your spray arms not to move properly is debris building up within the spray arm. To fix this issue, remove the lower tray of your dishwasher so you can better reach the spray arm. Slowly turn your spray arm by hand to try to loosen it, if it doesn’t loosen, don’t force it, you probably need to unscrew any hardware that is keeping the arm in place. 

After removing the spray arm, take an old toothbrush or cleaning tool and clean the spray arm thoroughly to remove any built-up debris within and wrapped around the mounting area of the arm. From here, you can reattach the arm and see if it begins to work as it should. 


Built-Up Debris in Spray Tower

Like your spray arms, built-up debris can also affect your spray tower. When you have the machine partially disassembled, take a look under your spray tower and ensure that there is absolutely no built-up debris on or around it. To check for debris, pull up the tower and much as you can and then release it so it falls back into place. 

If during the descent of the tower it has any trouble getting back in place or if you had any problem lifting it in the first place, you need to remove the spray tower and clean the inside of it similarly to how you cleaned out the spray arm. Reattach the arm and make sure that you can easily lift it and it can freely go back in place without any resistance. 


Reattached and Free Up Any Hoses 

While most of the water going into the machine comes from the spray arms, there are actually other hoses and tubes that also feed water into the machine. Take a good look at the inside of your machine and look for any of these hoses. 

When you find them, make sure that they are in no way touching the spray arms during a wash cycle. Also, these hoses can begin to loosen over time so make sure that they are attached properly. If your hoses are not attached properly they will not spray the spray arms with enough pressure for them to properly spin so make sure they are tight. 


Clogged Filter or Pump

The spray arms are usually powered by the water pump within the dishwasher. If the filter or the water pump is clogged, it will not provide enough pressure for the spray arm to spin as they should. The location of the filters varies depending on the make and model of your dishwasher so make sure you find the filter and pump so you can regularly clean it out. It is best to clean out the filter at least a few times a year. Once you have found your filter and pump, make sure there is no debris clogging them or restricting water from flowing through them. 


If after going through all of these steps the spray arms in your dishwasher still aren’t working as they should, you will require a dishwasher repair service. At Express Appliance Repair, we specialize in dishwasher repair, and we can help with any of your Maytag Appliance Repairs. We have worked on countless dishwashers in our time and can easily have your dishwasher working like new in no time!

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