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We also fix gas appliances

Certified Gas Appliance Repair & Installation

2602, 2018
Dryer Repair Toronto

Dryer Repair Toronto

At Express Repair GTA, you can be certain that our experience as a dryer repair Toronto is profound. Dryer repair is just one element to our services. At the same time, we have worked with a wide range of makes and models for both washers and dryers. LG, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Bosch are just a few of the brands we have serviced over the years. Different dryers have different elements that must be considered. The actual repair needs can vary from one individual to the next.

If you find yourself in need of dryer maintenance/repair work, you will obviously want to choose a company with experience. Regardless of what might be going on with your dryer, we can promise you a speedy, cost-effective resolution.

Unfortunately, cost often gets in the way of people turning to us for their dryer repair Toronto needs. No one wants to sink money into what they think will be costly repairs. Furthermore, when your dryer goes on the blink, the first concern often involves replacement. No one wants to put money into an appliance that might be on its way out. To be sure, no one wants to find out their appliance needs to be replaced. Dryers remain a costly investment.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of professional dryer repair services. We can also look into some common dryer problems. These are problems that generally require the experience and equipment of the experts. Simultaneously, it is also important to understand that dryer issues can often be addressed without substantial costs/replacements.

Common Problems With Your Dryer

Here are some of the more common dryer problems that we encounter as dryer repair Toronto professionals:

  • My dryer is making weird noises: When your dryer starts making noises, there are a lot of potential possibilities for a culprit. dryer-maintenance Worn-out drive motor bearings is one possibility, but there are several others. More often than not, we’re talking about a single ailing component of your complex machine. Worn rollers is another possibility, if your dryer is making noises.
  • My dryer isn’t starting up: If your dryer isn’t starting up, the last thing you should do is panic. This isn’t always a sign that your dryer is on its last legs. You should also avoid the temptation to try for DIY dryer repairs. In situations such as these, doing so can create additional, even costly problems. The thermal fuse is a common reason why dryers won’t start. At Express Repair GTA, you can be sure our dryer repair pros will get to the heart of the problem.
  • My dryer isn’t giving off enough heat: This is another popular example of dryer problems. Damp/wet clothes, even after a long stay in the dryer, isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. This is another situation in which the likely perpetrator is your thermal fuse. If the dryer isn’t heating up at all, it might be a blown thermal fuse. This is another problem that can be addressed quickly.
  • Error codes: There are a lot of different possibilities with dryer error codes. Professional dryer repair Toronto experts can figure this out in short order.

Those are just four examples of common dryer problems. If you have a significant amount of DIY experience, you might be able to handle repairs. Still, in the vast majority of situations, hiring professionals is a better choice. There are several benefits.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Dryer Repair Toronto Experts

In the end, it is entirely up to you, in terms of DIY vs. hiring appliance repair pros. However, when you consider the benefits of professional dryer repair services, you may see our point:

  • Safety: Repairing a dryer generally isn’t a dangerous job. However, consider the many different working parts, as well as the fact that this is an electrical appliance. If you are someone who likes to play it safe, hiring professionals is just a commonsense move. They know the potential dangers. They understand all of the various working parts for your dryer.
  • Convenience: Again, unless you’re a dryer repair expert yourself, DIY repairs can be extremely inconvenient. You’re talking about a huge drain on your busy schedule. And to be honest, who really wants to spend their day off on time-consuming dryer repairs? Hire a professional, and let them work with your busy schedule.
  • Financial considerations: More often than not, hiring a professional is more cost-effective than doing it on your own. You’re paying for someone to handle things properly the first time around. You’re also paying for the best possible solution the first time around.
  • Comprehensive services: Our dryer repair Toronto experts can do more than make repairs. We can take a comprehensive look at your dryer, or any of your appliances, and tell you about any potential future problems. We can show you how to ensure your dryer lasts for years to come.
  • Longevity benefits: Finally, trusting dryer repair to the experts is the best possible way to make sure your dryer endures.


At Express Repair GTA, we can make sure your dryer runs like new. Contact us today for anything you need in the way of repairs, maintenance, or any questions.

We also offer appliance repair services in MarkhamScarborough, and Mississauga.