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We also fix gas appliances

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2607, 2017
Top 10 Money Saving Appliance Repair Tips

Top 10 Money Saving Appliance Repair Tips

Preventing damage and appliance problems is always better than repairs. Keeping your home appliances in top condition will mean that you can avoid any inconvenience and added expenses. Sure, wear and tear will occur no matter what, but we always advise our clients to do everything in their power to prolong the life of their appliances. Here are 10 money saving appliance repair tips to keep your household appliances running perfectly.

Oven door seal

Check the seal on your oven door regularly and make sure that the gasket is not damaged or loose. Any irregularities in the shape or quality of the gasket can result in an imperfect seal, and this will cause heat loss and a less efficient oven.

Range hood and vent

If your range hood or the filters on your downdraft vent are dirty, they need to be cleaned by hand using soapy water. You can also run them through your dishwasher if you prefer. Some filters, like paper or charcoal filters, cannot be washed and will need to be replaced.

Stove cleaning

No matter the type of stove you use, if you allow food and gunk to build up, it will become a hazard and it can cause your stove to fail. After each use, you should always wipe down your stove. Not only will this keep your stove looking great but it’s a lot easier than trying to remove food that’s been stuck there for weeks. Remember to always use the right cleaning detergent for the surface. Glass and ceramic surfaces, for example, will require different types of cleaning agents.

Refrigerator coils

Dust and dirt have a way of sticking to the refrigerator coils. This restricts the air flow and increases the temperature of the fridge, making it work even harder to stay cool. At least once or twice each year you should move your refrigerator and give those coils a thorough clean. Use your vacuum and a soft brush to get the job done.

Refrigerator water filter

If you have a water or ice dispenser on your refrigerator, you need to pay attention to the water filter regularly. Water filters need to be replaced for health reasons. If you do not replace the filter, it could easily result in your fridge water being dirtier than regular tap water.

Dishwasher rack tines

The rack tines on your dishwasher can become rusty eventually. This can result in poor washing results since the rust will stick to some of your dishes. This can be remedied by covering them with replacement tips and using a sealant to fix them in place.

Dishwasher gaskets

Like your fridge, you need to check the door gaskets on your dishwasher regularly. Check for dirt, debris, and damage. Clean using water and bleach or vinegar if you prefer. While you’re at it, check the spray arms and pump area for any food particles and clean them out to prevent clogging.

Dryer exhaust

The exhaust connected to your dryer will gather lint over time, and this is not only bad for efficiency, but it’s also a fire hazard. Loosen the clamp, pull off the exhaust, and remove the lint before replacing the tube. You can use a coat hanger and your vacuum cleaner to ensure proper cleaning.

Washing machine hoses

One of the best money saving appliance repair tips is to regularly maintain your washing machine hoses. These hoses will not last forever. Check them regularly and, if you notice any wear, have them replaced right away.

Don’t overload

While it might be tempting t shove as much as you can in your dishwasher, washer, dryer, and fridge, this should never be done. Your dishwasher, washer, and dryer will not perform properly, and they won’t be able to wash and dry effectively or efficiently. As for your fridge, if it is overloaded, the air will not flow freely around the food, and it will work extra hard to try to cool everything down.

These are some of the most important tips for preventing appliance repairs. Of course, it’s important to remember that various parts will eventually wear out. When they do, call our expert team at Express Appliance Repair at (647) 492-7773.