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2604, 2017
Common Laundry Mistakes

Common Laundry Mistakes

Washing your clothes might seem like a fairly simple chore, but there are many common laundry mistakes that can lead to less than desirable results. Here are some of the most common errors that you should always avoid for the sake of your laundry and washer.

Excessive detergent use

You might think that more soap means cleaner laundry, but this is not the case. The biggest problem with using too much detergent is the fact that it won’t rinse out completely. If you have hard water, you will need to adjust your soap quantity accordingly. The harder the water, the more soap you will need. Your detergent bottle should include guidelines for different water types. Excessive soap use is one laundry mistake that can also take its toll on your washer.

Giving stains a scrub

If you try to scrub stains before washing a particular garment, it could actually make matters worse. Not only will scrubbing wear the fabric out, but it can actually cause the stain to embed itself even deeper in the fibers. Stains should always be treated immediately for best results and use a white cloth to dab rather than scrub or rub. Sometimes, applying some hand washing detergent or soap and letting the stain sit for a few minutes helps loosen the particles.

Not checking labels

Another habit at the top of the laundry mistakes list is not following the washing instructions the inside labels. You will notice that your washer has several settings and these are designed to wash different items according to their wash recommendations. The tag on each item of clothing or linen will indicate the ideal temperature as well as any other recommendation like “do not tumble dry” or “dry-clean only”. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in damaged clothing. In addition, some fibers are known for coming apart when the washer spins which means that the lint trap can get full and blocked.

Overfilling your washer

We all love the idea of popping as much laundry into the machine as possible. We keep thinking this will save us time, electricity, and water. This is one of the most common laundry mistakes that will result in detergent buildup and extra work for your washer. When wet, all that laundry gets really heavy which means that it places a lot of pressure on the motor and other working parts. Split your laundry into multiple loads instead.

Buttons and zippers

Unbutton all garments and make sure all zippers are up. This protects your clothing as well as your washer. Remember that delicate items should never be washed along with items that have zippers. Zippers can snag other delicate items and cause damage.

Machine not Level

If you do not level your washer, it can result in excessive damage to the floor and your washing machine.  Your washer has built-in shock absorbers, but they will wear down in no time if your machine is not level. You may even notice some cracks along the top plastic trim of your front loader due to excessive hopping and vibrating.

Not cleaning your washer

Another no-no among the many common laundry mistakes we make. Every now and then, it’s important to run a cycle on your machine without any laundry. This will help clear the system and freshen everything up. Also, make sure that you leave all the compartments open like the door and the detergent tray. If you keep your washer closed, the water cannot evaporate, which will result in that stagnant water smell inside.

Keeping your washer plugged in

Although it might not be convenient, it’s important to disconnect your washer from its power source when not in use. Even if your washer is not on, power problems can result in electrical faults. Some washer models have particularly sensitive electronic systems that can be damaged by the slightest fluctuations. If, for whatever reason, your electric supply fluctuates regularly, a voltage regulator can protect your washer and other household appliances.

When your washer does not perform as it should, professional repairs are essential. At Express Appliance Repair, our team is skilled and trained in performing speedy washer repairs. Contact us at (647) 492-7773 when your appliance needs a fix.