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1804, 2018
Choosing the Right Wall Oven: Useful Tips and Tricks

Choosing the Right Wall Oven: Useful Tips and Tricks

You spend a lot of time with your oven. For that reason alone, you want to make sure you are working with something that can stand the test of time. You want something that is durable. You certainly want something that is going to work with a wide range of dishes and recipes. At Express Repair GTA, you can be sure that we have worked with all of the best and worst wall ovens. If you are considering a wall oven, there are some key benefits to keep in mind.

Benefits of Buying a Wall Oven

If you are looking for alternatives to traditional range ovens, you are going to love the wall oven. First of all, it eliminates the need to bend over every time you want to check on that delicious roast inside. Because it’s mounted higher in the wall, this handy appliance makes it very easy for you to keep a close eye on whatever’s cookin’ in there.

Second of all, wall ovens incorporate have a more flexible design than traditional range oven. Because they’re in the wall itself, they save a lot of space and work very well with small-space-restrictions. That’s why they’re so popular with those who want the benefits of an oven, but don’t have a lot of space to work with. Now, with an idea of why people love wall ovens, you can start figuring out the best one for your needs.

Wall Oven Shopping Tips

Some people find appliance shopping to be stressful. If you are shopping for a small space, which is often the case with wall oven shopping, things can seem even more demanding. It doesn’t have to be difficult by any means. Here are some useful tips to make your wall oven selection a bit easier:

Gas or Electric?

The first thing you need to do is decide if you prefer a gas or an electric wall oven. If you can pick either one, then keep in mind the benefits and drawbacks of each. Electric wall ovens offer lower price ranges and a wider assortment of models. They feature larger capacities, but your costs with this wall oven will largely be tied into your general energy costs. This is a similar issue with gas wall ovens, which are determined by the price of gasoline.

What’s the Capacity?

Capacity is another element that you want to take into account. Wall ovens generally break down to 24 inches, 27, or 30 inches. Single-wall ovens are available, but you can also choose from different double-wall oven possibilities. Obviously, space is the main factor when defining which one you should choose. You will also want to find out if having a convection feature in your wall oven is something that means a lot to you.


Choose the right wall oven.

Best Wall Oven Features

At the end of the day, most of us really pay attention to appliance features. We try to imagine what we are going to need. We then try to combine that with a look into the future for anything else that might catch our fancy. Trying to figure out good features against worthless ones can sometimes drag out the process of shopping.

Wall ovens are thankfully pretty straightforward. There is a handful of features, and there are only three or so major sizes on the market. For example, many wall ovens give you the ability to check on the preheating process. Tons of wall ovens will give you that self-cleaning feature. If you are the kind of person who pays attention to reviews, make sure to focus in on the self-cleaning feature. Some people think it’s a worthless feature. Others swear by it. People feel the same way about the delayed timer feature. If you want your oven to start cooking, even when you aren’t home, then this is definitely something you will want to look for.

If you have kids, then make sure you look for a wall oven that gives you a safety lock. This ensures that kids won’t be able to turn the oven on, which can obviously burn them.

Finally, some people even choose a wall oven that comes with a steam cooking feature. This is another feature that requires you to look ahead to a certain degree. If you know yourself to be someone who is definitely going to use such a feature, then look to wall ovens that are going to let you do exactly that.

A wall oven can be something you will be able to rely upon for years to come. At Express Repair GTA, we can ensure your wall oven runs beautifully for as long you need it.