1304, 2018
Best Appliances for Condos

Best Appliances for Condos

The benefits of living in a condo are numerous. These benefits are particularly appealing to those who love a small space. As more and more people embrace the big potential of small living spaces, it makes sense to want to learn how to optimize said spaces. This certainly includes the appliances you are going to choose.


Appliances Ideal for Condos

Condos are particularly great for people who want conveniences that generally aren’t extended to homeowners. The list includes security, resident-exclusive communities, and easy access to the best of Toronto. There are also some challenges that should be kept in mind. In particular, finding just the right appliances for a modest-sized space is something that people sometimes find to be rather difficult.

By no means does it have to be hard. The key element to remember is that things are more convenient than ever. These spaces can be in the form of condos, lofts, RVs, tiny houses, and much more. The best appliance manufacturers are keenly aware of all of this. You can be sure they are creating appliances for every imaginable need and taste.

Top Appliances for Condos

Shopping for appliances for condos for the first time? Our appliance experts at Express Repair GTA have worked with all kinds of appliances in numerous living spaces.

We have a few great ideas that should serve to steer you in the right direction:

  • Induction cooker: It’s likely that you’re surrounded by some great Toronto restaurants. Then you have fast food. We understand temptation, but we also all know that we should spend as much time in the kitchen as possible. This is where an induction cooker will prove to be vital. It won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter, and you can use it to cook just about anything.
  • Your fridge: This is where things can get tricky. There are a lot of different fridges out there now for different sizes and demands. Micro refrigerators, compact and apartment-style refrigerators are just a few of your options. Make sure you have something that makes sense for the amount of space you really have. It may also help to split the difference with a mini-fridge for the kitchen, and then one more for the bedroom or elsewhere. The second one can hold on to your beverages.
  • Microwave: Some people are moving away from microwaves. Honestly, we still think it is pretty darn important in the kitchen. A microwave can cook a lot of different things effectively. At the same time, microwaves also strongly encourage meal planning practices. You can make something for the week, portion it out, and then use your microwave to cook up a plate every night.
  • Laundry: This is another tricky area that sometimes gives people a little trouble. A combo washer/dryer makes sense for a lot of people. However, many models aren’t the best at what they promise to do. At the end of the day, you may just want to plan for having a small, separate washer and dryer combo. There are some good options to that end.
  • Blenders: These can prove to be another essential tool for those who want to live and eat healthy. There are so many different smoothies, adult beverages, and even meals that can be created with a blender. Best of all, you don’t have something that is going to take up a whole lot of space in your condo.
  • Slow cookers: This one doesn’t occur to everyone. Trust us, because a slow cooker can prove to be one of your very best friends in the kitchen. Again, we are talking about yet another inventive appliance that can do a lot of different things. We are also talking about another appliance that isn’t going to take up a lot of space in your home.

In a perfect world, condos would already come with the best of all the stuff we mentioned above. You can certainly find some luxury GTA condos that will give you the best appliances to be found anywhere. However, in all likelihood, you are going to need to provide your own appliances. This is a great opportunity in disguise. Yeah, it’s great when someone else picks up the tab. At the same time, there is value in buying durable, compact, and endlessly usable appliances that you can take with you to wherever you might live next.

Everything we mentioned above is easy to pack, ship, and move from one location to another. This also applies to portable dishwashers, powerful-yet-portable coffee makers, and even the ways you store things around the house. There are small appliance possibilities to suit just about anything you may want to do.