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0102, 2018
Tips For Longer Home Appliances’ Lifespan

Tips For Longer Home Appliances’ Lifespan

At Express Repair GTA, we believe that a little appliance maintenance can go a long way. To be sure, the term “workhorse” definitely applies to any appliance you own. This includes your stove, fridge, oven, and other major appliances. Just imagine how much they go through in a given day. Then imagine how much they take over the course of a week. How many times do you use your oven in a single month? Here are some tips for longer home appliances’ lifespan.

The Strain On Your Applianceshow-to-clean-stove

How many times a week do you use your stove? When was the last time you cleaned your stove?

We put our appliances through a lot. We also seem to operate under the strange assumption that these appliances will last forever. That simply isn’t true. However, there are a lot of simple maintenance things you can keep in mind. These tips can ensure appliances that will last for as long as feasibly possible.

You don’t even need to call our appliance maintenance experts at Express Appliance Repair GTA. While we are happy to do maintenance on your major appliances, these tips are still things you can handle on your own. From cleaning the gaskets on your dishwasher, to dealing with leaks and noises in a timely fashion, these are straightforward suggestions.

If you find yourself dealing with problems you just can’t handle, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experience is such that we can handle anything that you may have in mind. You will also find that we are the most cost-effective solution for appliance repair and appliance maintenance. We work with all makes and models of any appliances you may own, including washers, dryers, fridgesovens and more.

Easy Appliance Maintenance Tips

Here are some specific appliance care tips to consider. You don’t need to invest a significant amount of time or energy in any of these activities. Yet at the same time, taking these tips seriously will likely extend the lifespan of your appliances.

These are just a few of our suggestions for longer lasting appliances:

  • Keeping the fridge/freezer clean: A good rule of thumb is to remember that clean appliances are generally ideal appliances. That thought certainly applies to your fridge and freezer. Don’t let your leftovers stay in there for too long. Condenser coil brushes can be used for cleaning your condenser coils. Also, clean your freezer by unplugging it, and then wiping it down with a solution made of baking soda. After rinsing with water, dry with a towel.
  • Defrosting the freezer: Do you own a manual defrost freezer? At least once a month, you’ll want to defrost it. You can achieve this with a plastic/wooden scrape.
  • Scrubbing the oven/range: No one really enjoys cleaning the inside of the oven. Nonetheless, this is an essential aspect of caring for this major appliance. In terms of appliance maintenance, don’t let bits of food remain stuck around the burners. Give it a good scrub, after applying a little cleaning fluid to a cloth.
  • Foiling your oven: Avoid using aluminum foil under your baking element.
  • Replacing filters: Fridges, dishwashers, furnaces, and ovens can all include filters. For any appliance that has a filter, make sure to clean/replace them, per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Soap in the dishwasher: This is another thing you should avoid, in terms of extending the lifespan of your appliance.

In terms of additional appliance maintenance tips, we have a few more that you can try. At this point, it should be pretty clear that nothing you’re being asked to do is all that difficult. Yet at the same time, these steps can accomplish a lot.

Additional Appliance Maintenance Tipsappliance-maintenance-tips

Make sure to scrape off your plates, before putting them in the dishwasher. Too much food debris can clog the pumps of your dishwasher, which can become a costly problem over time. Eventually, your pump can succumb to something known as a premature failure. At Express Repair GTA, this is an appliance problem we can definitely handle. Still, we would like to think you would just as soon avoid having to pay for repairs you could have avoided with ease.

Another tip to remember concerns your washing machine. How many of us overload the washing machine? We barely have time to ourselves as it is. When we do have time to do the laundry, the impulse is to pack everything into a single load. This strains your motor, in addition to your tub bearings. It can create problems with other parts, as well. You won’t even really clean your clothes properly either!

If the weight of your clothes/laundry causes the machine to bang around, the machine is overloaded.

And then we have the lint trap for your dryer. Most of us completely forget about that thing. However, failing to clean out the lint trap on a regular basis can be problematic. It will force your dryer to work harder. As it struggles to work harder, the parts wear down that much faster. This is often why so many people have to replace their dryer, long before the end of its average lifespan.

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