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0112, 2017
Check Your Oven Before the Baking Begins

Check Your Oven Before the Baking Begins

During the warmer months, we tend to avoid baking too often since it can make our homes incredibly warm and uncomfortable. When the weather gets cooler, you will become more inclined to bake and roast. Before you get cooking, however, it’s important that you give your oven the once over first. Neglecting your oven can lead to damage and poorly cooked meals. Taking a few moments to check and maintain your oven will save you from a whole lot of unnecessary grief. The first thing you should do when preparing a meal is to check your oven properly.

Build up prevention

Your oven will be far more effective and efficient if you prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. If you have a self-cleaning oven, you can use this feature to keep the interior of your oven as clean as possible. Your oven should be cleaned at least twice a year to help keep it in good shape. Even if you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, you should still clean it regularly. Depending on the type of detergents you plan on using, you should open a window or two to ensure that you have enough ventilation. You can also line the bottom of your oven with foil. Any food that drips will be caught by the foil and this foil can be replaced from time to time. When cleaning your oven, don’t forget to clean the oven racks too!

Oven knobs

Take some time to check all the knobs on your oven and make sure that they work properly. Make sure that the temperature setting you select is reached and maintained by your oven. If you notice any problems with any of the knobs, they might need to be replaced.

Listen up

When testing your oven, pay attention for any strange sounds. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should turn your oven off and call a professional to diagnose and repair any problems.

Check the seals

If your oven door does not close properly, it will lose heat and your food will not cook as well or as quickly as it should. Inspect the seals on the door and check for wear and tear as well as damage. It’s important that you keep the seals clean since dirt can make them less effective.

Remember, if you notice any problem with your oven, it is best to resolve this problem before cooking again. Even the smallest problem can have serious consequences if it is not fixed by a professional.

Don’t Stress, Call Express

No matter what type of oven you own, Express Appliance Repair is always available for all your oven repair needs. We service the entire Greater Toronto Area and our same-day service will ensure that you can get back to baking sooner rather than later. Our team is experienced in working on all types and brands of ovens. Call (647) 492-7773 for urgent oven repairs anywhere in the GTA.