2525, 2016
The most common oven and stove problems

The most common oven and stove problems

Ovens and stoves consist of several basic and more intricate parts. When just of these parts fails, it can render your appliance just about useless. Fortunately, thanks to professional appliance repair services, there’s no need to toss your oven or stove just yet! In almost every case, repairs prove more cost effective and faster than replacing the appliance. If your stove or oven gives you trouble, keep these common problems in mind as a potential diagnosis.

Inconsistent oven temperatures
If your oven is not able to maintain a consistent temperature, then baking or roasting will be pretty much impossible. Food will either end up burned or undercooked if cooked at all. This problem could be due to a faulty thermostat or another related part. Replacing this part will have you cooking up a storm in no time.

Poorly fitting oven door
If the door on your oven does not close properly, it can cause a loss of heat, and this can affect the quality of your cooking. The door could be warped, or there could just be a loose screw or two. This is a fairly minor problem, but it will get worse if ignored. If the door does not close tightly, the seal might need replacing in order to prevent heat loss.

Oven not cooking food properly
If your oven is not cooking your food to perfection, the fault could lie with the element. This is yet another part that is best inspected and replaced by the experts.

Electric stove not heating
If one or more of your stove burners are not getting hot, it’s important to test all of your burners to find out which one or ones are faulty. Coiled burners can become damaged after time, and other electrical issues can cause all burners to fail. If you have recently experienced a power surge, this could also be to blame. It’s best to have a technician diagnose and repair these problems.

Can’t adjust the heat on electrical stove
If you are unable to regulate the heat of any of your stove burners, it can make cooking a nightmare. If the burner either remains cold or red hot, but never in between, then get a professional to check it out. The most common cause is the infinite switch, which is connected to the dial but it’s never a good idea to perform such repairs yourself.

Gas stove not igniting
If your gas stove does not ignite it’s sometimes a sign that you’re out of gas. If you notice a problem, make sure that you open your windows and maybe even a door too. Turn off your lights and gently turn the knob to try to light the burner again. If you have run out of gas, you won’t hear a soft wind-like noise. If you hear gas coming through but the burner is still failing to ignite, it could be the ignition switch. If you know that your gas supply is sufficient but you cannot hear or smell any gas, then there could be an issue with the gas flow. Either way, play it safe and call in the pros!

These common issues can really catch you off guard. Fortunately, they are fairly easily resolved. For this reason, many people attempt repairs themselves, but this is ill-advised. Not only do quality repairs require experience and the proper tools, but you also need to make sure that you have the correct part for your appliance. The next time your oven or stove gives you any trouble, call Express

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