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Amana appliance repairs

Amana has made quite a name for itself over the years, and many households around Toronto enjoy their innovative designs. From fridges to washers and everything in between, Amana has expanded their range to include a number of essential home appliances. No matter the problem or the type of Amana appliance, our team knows just how to find the cause of the fault and perform fast repairs. We are available 24/7 for same day Amana appliance repairs, and our team arrives fully prepared to perform repairs on the spot. Though we focus on speedy service, we also understand the importance of quality work which is why every appliance repair is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Choose Us for your Amana appliance Repairs

When your Amana fridge, stove, or other appliance gives you trouble, it might not be at the most convenient of moments. Appliances don’t keep office hours, and neither do we! At Express Appliance Repair, our technicians are available 24/7 which means that you can call us anytime – day, night, during the week, and even on weekends! No matter when your appliance needs repairs, we will be over to diagnose and fix the problem promptly. Above all, your satisfaction is the most important, and we focus on keeping repair costs low while performing quality, speedy appliance repairs. All Amana appliance repairs are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

amana fridge repair

Your Amana refrigerator is probably the most important appliance in your home. When your fridge stops working, it can cause all of your food to spoil. If the motor or thermostat give trouble, it can result in higher electric bills and your fridge could break down completely if the motor works non-stop. If you notice a leak, strange noise, or any other problem with your Amana fridge, call us right away for fast repairs!

amana stove repair

Amana stoves are an absolute joy to use and they have become increasingly popular over the years. Different kinds of stoves are available which means that this manufacturer really caters to all needs and preferences. For professional Amana stove repairs, contact Express Appliance Repair today. We are available 24/7 throughout the Greater Toronto Area and our speedy same-day service will have you cooking again before you know it!

amana dishwasher repair

More and more Toronto residents are choosing Amana when investing in a dishwasher. These dishwashers win consumers over by proving easy to use and wonderfully reliable. Of course, after regular use, some form of repairs or maintenance will become necessary. In order to keep your Amana dishwasher in top condition, professional repairs are always best. For same day Amana dishwasher repairs by experienced and professionally trained technicians, call Express Appliance Repair.

amana washing machine repair

Amana washers have come a long way over the years, and various models include a number of features from which to choose. These features make it possible to wash different types of garments according to their washing instructions. If your Amana washer starts making a strange noise, leaks, or you notice any other problem, call Express Appliance Repair for reputable service by professionals you can trust. Not only do we perform same day Amana washer repairs throughout Toronto, but we also provide each customer with peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

amana dryer repair

Amana dryers are praised for various features including their automatic dryness control. Like any other dyer, however, Amana dryers may require repairs after regular use. If you discover that one or more of the features on your dryer is not working, it’s always best to avoid using it until the problem has been resolved. Call Express Appliance Repair for all your Amana dryer repair needs in Toronto and our same day service will have your dryer up and running in no time!

amana oven repair

Amana has released a number of different ovens over the years. Some of which boast amazing features like extra large capacities. No matter the model you have chosen, if you need Amana oven repairs, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Call our team of experts for fast service and professional repairs backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Our fast repairs mean that you don’t need to reach for that take out menu just yet – we will get you cooking up a storm again before you know it!

Experienced Amana repair experts

Quality appliances like those produced by Amana deserve the very best in terms of repairs and maintenance. Professional Amana appliance repairs will not only get your appliance back up and running quickly, but you will also get that much more out of your appliances. Our experience and training allow us to perform thorough repairs.

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Usually failure codes are caused by a faulty timer (aka ERC – the Electronic Range Control). Sometimes, even when the failure code implies that another component has failed, this can actually be a timer problem (whereby the timer is not displaying the correct fault code). If you are not sure whether the code you are seeing is due to a problem with the timer please call us, or send us an email, since we can help you determine whether the failure code is likely a timer problem or a problem with some other component. We can repair most timers so if you are sure your problem pertains to the timer (or ERC) please fill out a repair service request or call us (647) 483-9051.


Failure Code Fault Code Description Solution
F0-0 No Error Initial factory setting
F1-1 Over temperature while cooking Check oven temperature sensor and wiring first, replace control board if oven temperature sensor is good
F1-3 Over temperature while cleaning Check oven temperature sensor and wiring first, replace control board if oven temperature sensor is good
F1-5 Cancel key input out of range Replace control board
F1-7 Keyboard disconnected Verify wire connection is tight.Replace control if failed
F1-8 Shorted key Replace control board
F1-9 Slave micro not functioning Replace control board
F1-A Circuit board grounding Replace control board
F1-C Control not calibrated Replace control board
F1-E Circuit board data corruption Replace control board
F1-F Circuit board data corruption Replace control board
F1-H Door switch input circuit failure Check switch and wiring
F1-J Latch switch input circuit failure Check switch and wiring
F3-1 Oven temperature sensor or oven temperature sensor circuit failure Check wire connections and oven temperature sensor
F9-1 Auto latch will not lock Check wiring, motor, and latch switch
F9-2 Auto latch will not unlock Check wiring, motor, and latch switch




Disclaimer: please make sure to unplug your appliance if you feel that it is malfunctioning. Consult with an Express Repair professional to prevent any further damage to your appliance.