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We also fix gas appliances

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1305, 2021
Why Won’t My Oven Heat To The Proper Temperature?

Why Won’t My Oven Heat To The Proper Temperature?

If your oven is not heating up, it can be frustrating and extremely inconvenient. Especially for those who are on a tight schedule and need to prepare meals on time. Depending on the type of oven you have, a number of potential causes should be checked. Here’s what you can do before calling a technician.

Check The Breaker

If you have an electric oven, the first thing you want to do is check the breaker. Make sure that the breaker has not tripped. If it has, lift the switch into the ‘on’ position. If it will not return to this position or if it trips again, you should call an electrician. There could be a short in your household wiring or a problem with the power outlet.

Check The Oven Knobs

If you have an oven-range combo, it will most likely have knobs rather than a touchscreen. If you have removed them recently while cleaning your oven, they might not be properly fitted. Check each knob to make sure that they are positioned correctly and adjust where necessary.

Check The Door Lever

If you have an oven with a self-cleaning feature, the door lever needs to be in the ‘unlocked’ position. If it is locked, it can prevent the door from closing properly and this allows heat to escape. This means that your oven will run constantly but it will not reach the desired temperature.

Test The Temperature Difference

You can use an oven thermometer to test the temperature of your oven more accurately. Once you have set the temperature and allowed your oven to heat up for several minutes, check the thermometer and calculate the temperature difference.

A minor difference is normal but if it is lower by 25 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to adjust your oven temperature higher than indicated on the appliance in order to reach the correct temperature.

Heating Element Replacement

You can test the heating element in your oven by turning the oven on to the maximum temperature. Watch the heating element closely and take note of whether or not it is heating up. It should glow red. If not, it will need to be replaced.

Clean The Gas Igniter

If you notice that the burners in your gas oven are igniting and they are not heating, you could have a dirty or faulty igniter. Check the appliance manual to find out where the igniter is located and inspect it for dirt or wear and tear.

Check The Temperature Sensor

Electric and gas ovens have temperature sensors. It will be located at the top, rear of the oven and it’s nothing more than a thin tube. If the sensor was bumped, it could be damaged. If it is touching the wall of the oven, gently move it back into the proper position. If the sensor is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Check Error Codes

If you notice an error code displayed on your oven, you can consult the owner’s manual to find out more precisely what the problem is. This will also help the technicians that you call to repair the problem since they will have a better idea of what to expect.

For the most part, the reasons behind oven heating problems are minor and inexpensive to fix. This makes an oven repair that much more financially wise than replacing the appliance. When you need professional oven repairs, contact Express Appliance Repairs at (647) 492-7773. Our technicians are trained, certified and experienced in repairing all oven makes and models.