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2507, 2019
Weird Things We’ve Found During Washer Repairs

Weird Things We’ve Found During Washer Repairs

Everyone knows that getting your clothes clean can be a dirty job, which is why we get our washing machines to do the job for us. These machines take dirt, stains, spills, and other blemishes and just washes them away.

However, there are some things that our washers simply can’t wash away, and that’s because these things aren’t dirt, stains or spills. These are usually things that are more solid – basically, what were are alluding to here are things that don’t belong in a washer!

Even though there are things we know have no place in our washers, these things still find a way into the washer from time to time – and like our socks, these things find little nooks and crannies to hide in.

We can’t even remember the number of times we have found interesting objects in washers while we performed washer repairs for our clients. For the sake of having a good laugh, we thought we would share some of the most memorable things we have found while repairing washers in Toronto and the GTA.

Typical Things We’ve Found In Washers

Before we get into the fun things we have found, we’ll first talk about some of the most frequent, everyday items we find in the washer. The first on the list would be money. Bills and loose change always seem to find a way into the washer.

Remember to check your pockets for any loose money. We also tend to find remnants of paper, receipts and tissues, as well as jewelry, lighters, mobile phones, and small pens. Every homeowner should try to avoid letting these items get in the washer. Any of this debris can cause common issues with your washer.

Interesting Things We’ve Found In Washers

Now, let’s move onto the funny and interesting things we have found in washers, starting with:

Bacon – Yes, you read that right. Bacon. I guess the person had to rush through breakfast and decided to grab some bacon for the road.

We’ve all been there: no time to eat so you bring it along in the car on the way to work. Clearly, this person completely forgot about the bacon in their pocket.

Coat Hangers – You would think that something like a coat hanger wouldn’t go unnoticed by someone loading their washer, but it happens. When you think about how often people do laundry after a long, busy and tiring day, it’s not too surprising to imagine a scenario where a coat hanger ends up in a washer.

Bowl – Now, when we found a small bowl in a client’s washer, we didn’t immediately think that they eat their meals in the washer or that they would rather clean their dishes in the washer as opposed to the dishwasher- but, then again, the world can sometimes be a strange place.

Obviously, the more likely scenario is that they were eating a snack while doing the laundry and just lost track of the snack.

Although we can all have a good laugh about these examples of things we found during a washer repair, it’s important to try to avoid getting anything other than clothes, towels and clothes in your washer. Any other object can do some serious damage to your washer, which will cost you in repairs, or even worse, replacements. To avoid any issues, it is best to clean your washer from time to time.

If you got something stuck in your washer that shouldn’t be there, and it is giving your washer problems, then contact the experts at Express Repair today at (647) 492-7773. We’ll come to your home to perform professional, same-day washer repairs. Review our service areas to see if we operate close to your home.