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Why does the washing machine smell like burning rubber?

Burning smell from the washer

If you are smelling a burning smell coming from your washing machine, that is not something to take lightly as it can be a cause for concern. A burning smell can indicate a fire hazard, so you will want to get it checked as soon as possible for your safety.


  • Belt friction: if the smell coming from your washing machine smells like burning rubber and your machine is not agitating or spinning, the issue could be caused by the belt. The belt could be rubbing against the washer tub, causing the burn smell. You can check the belt to see if there is any fraying or splitting. If this is the issue, the belt may need to be replaced.
  • Electrical: if the burning smell from your washing machine does not smell like burnt rubber, this could be an electrical issue. There is a possibility that there is water leaking onto the electrical components inside the machine, which could cause a shortage or sparking. You have to be very careful when it comes to electrical issues and will need to get this issue checked out professionally and safely.
  • Pump belt: some washing machine water pumps use a rubber belt. If this belt becomes damaged or is having issues, it could cause a burning smell to come from the drain area.
  • Motor pulley: your washing machine has a pulley that is in contact with the belts that connect the motor to the drum and the drains. Because it is always in contact with the belt, there will always be friction. This is not an issue, what is an issue is when the motor pulley becomes worn or jammed. This can cause too much friction, which then creates heat and a burning smell. Depending on the state of the pulley, it may need to be replaced.


If you see smoke coming from your washing machine or dryer, TURN IT OFF! Make sure you unplug it too! Do not try to fix this yourself. You need to hire someone who has experience with appliances like the washer repair experts at Express Repair. When you can smell a burning smell from your washer, give us a call and we will help you right away.

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