2101, 2018
The Best Portable Washing Machine

The Best Portable Washing Machine

At Express Repair GTA, we can offer more than washer repair Toronto services. While one example of our services involves being the most experienced, affordable portable washing machine Toronto repair/replacement company in the Greater Toronto Area, we want to make sure you already have great appliances to start with. While we can service and/or repair just about any appliance currently used in homes, we also want to make sure you have something that gives you everything you need. An appliance is an investment, no matter how big or small it might be.

Portable washing machines would fall on the larger investment side of things. It stands to reason that you want something that is powerful, offers a range of options, and has a reputation for endurance and straightforward maintenance. It just makes sense to want the best portable washing machine possible.

To that end, let us use our washer repair Toronto experience to point you in the right direction.

How To Choose A Portable Washing Machine


Let’s check out a few different possibilities, in terms of your best bet for meeting your portable washing machine Toronto needs. Estimated energy usage, design/portability, cycles/wash settings, and ease of use with the features are a few specific considerations that should guide you. Naturally, you will also want to get something that works with your budget. Keep in mind that this is definitely a good example of the old “get what you pay for” adage. In other words, be willing to spend enough to ensure you are getting something that will provide optimal performance for a long time to come.

With all of that to consider, let’s run through some of the top portable washing machines for 2018 and beyond:

  • GE WSLP1500HWW: One of the best things about this particular portable washing machine is its flexibility. It can work with a wide range of different fabrics, and it brings the same flexibility to what it can do with load sizes, and even the different levels of dirtiness that it can tackle. The 2.6-cubic-foot washing interior is certainly nice, as well.
  • Haier HLP21N: When it comes to value, this is one of the most impressive portable washing machines on the market. At just forty-three pounds, this might be one of the most lightweight portable washing machines available, as well. Just don’t let the relatively small stature of this unit fool you. Across a basic assortment of options, you are going to find that this washing machine can handle a lot. There is an easy quick connect adapter for the sink, and you will also find moving and storing this machine to be pretty hassle-free.
  • Avanti TLW16D0W: In this day and age, energy savings are more crucial than ever. This is one of the best portable washing machines for energy savings. The annual operating costs for this machine can come out to twelve bucks a year. To be sure, this is a pretty powerful little unit, as well.
  • Panda Compact: While this might just be the most expensive option on our list, it certainly delivers on everything it promises to do for your apartment or other small space. Higher load capacities, customization controls, and smooth functionality are assured here. This is a great example of the top portable washing machines currently available.

Which Portable Washing Machine Is Right For You?

The above are just four examples of the washing machines we work with every day, as the best option available for washer repair Toronto services. We can’t tell you which one would be at the top of the heap. All of them have different strengths for different homeowners. We also want you to keep in mind that there are several other awesome portable washers out there.

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