1717, 2017
Impressive refrigerator features that make life easier

Impressive refrigerator features that make life easier

Years ago, refrigerators were nothing more than a place to store leftovers and fresh produce. Keeping your food fresher for longer seemed like the ultimate goal at the time. Today, we have so many more features to enjoy, and these features make refrigerators even more essential than ever!

Speed chill feature
When you add a hot or warm dish to your fridge, it has been known to cause internal temperatures to rise rapidly. This meant that your fridge would have to work extra hard to keep the rest of the contents in your fridge cool. Quick-chill features like the Maytag PowerCold setting are the solution to this problem. Thanks to these features, you don’t need to worry about other food in your fridge getting too warm or going bad as the result of adding a warm dish.

Multiple doors
While there are still some simple designs on the market with a single door or a double door (for the fridge and freezer combination), four-door and even five-door designs are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they allow you to access only what you need without opening the whole fridge. In addition, you can set each on to its own temperature which ensures maximum freshness.

Greater energy efficiency
The more efficient an appliance, the better for your monthly budget and the environment. Linea compressors are becoming even more popular than ever since they limit massive temperature fluctuations and help keep food fresh without consuming too much power.

Humidity control
Some foods benefit from a bit of extra humidity. Fruits and vegetables are a good example, and this is why manufacturers have come up with drawers that offer adjustable humidity. Find out how much humidity your fresh produce needs and adjust accordingly for maximum freshness!

Hot water on tap
We have all heard of cold water and even ice dispensers, but now you can pour yourself some hot water straight from the fridge too! Instead of boiling the kettle, simply pour a cup of hot water for your tea or coffee. You can even set the water temperature based on your daily needs. This feature is particularly loved by those with infants and young children. Formula fed babies need bottles served at just the right temperature and mothers know just how cranky their little one can get when they don’t get their meal immediately. Having warm water on hand makes for speedy bottle preparation which is particularly great for those late night and early morning feeds.

It should go without saying that all of these extra features mean that refrigerators now have additional components. Whether mechanical or electrical, extra parts mean that additional wear and tear will occur. In addition, these extra components also mean that a specialized technician should always be called when repairs are required. Untrained or inexperienced appliance repair technicians may not fully understand the inner workings of the system which means that there is a risk of further damage or prolonged repairs.

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