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2610, 2017
Must Have Fridge Features

Must Have Fridge Features

Your fridge is probably the most important household appliance you own. We hardly think twice when it comes to reaching for a cold drink or storing our leftover food on one of its shelves. Your fridge can, however, be one of the most technologically advanced appliances too! Innovative minds have come up with ways of improving all sorts of products and appliances. Refrigerators are certainly no exception, and there are several fantastic features to look for!

Go digital

If adjusting the temperature of your fridge means that you need to turn some sort of dial, then you are in for a treat! Digital temperature controls make it possible to enter the precise temperature you want instead of guessing and hoping for the best. Remember, the temperature of your fridge has a large role to play when it comes to the safety of your food!

Impressive Fridge FeaturesChoose a zone

Taking the temperature challenge one step further is temperature zoning. Different types of food require different storage temperatures. You can now meet these needs rather than trying to find a happy medium, thanks to compartmental temperature management!

Quick cool

If you need to chill food or beverages in a hurry, but you don’t want to place them in the freezer, you will love the power chill feature of some fridges! This feature turns up that cooling power for a short period of time and ensures that you don’t need to wait nearly as long.

LED lights

Have you noticed how warm the light is inside your average fridge? This surely defeats the point, right? Well, LED lights are an excellent alternative since they do not get nearly as warm and they are available in various colors too! LED lights also tend to last longer than regular lights, so they are a wise investment.

Fridge or freezer

If you want even more flexibility, then you will love refrigerators that allow you to switch compartments from fridge to freezer and back again as needed. Sometimes you need more fridge space. Sometimes you need more freezer space. This feature allows for this kind of flexibility.


These days, just about everything has WiFi, including your fridge! Why would you need this kind of feature? Well, thanks to a special app, some fridges with WiFi capabilities can let you know if the door has been left open and share other information such as energy usage. If your fridge is left open, it will result in greater consumption, and you run the risk of having your food go bad. Not to mention all that condensation inside your fridge!

While all of these features are great, it’s important to remember that specialized features call for specialized technicians. When you experience any problems with your fridge, it is essential that you call the very best local technicians. At Express Appliance Repair, we offer speedy same day fridge repairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our team knows how to work on the refrigerators of every make and model. Contact us at (647) 492-7773 for professional fridge repairs.

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