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3004, 2017
How Long Should My Fridge Last? Fridge Life Expectancy

How Long Should My Fridge Last? Fridge Life Expectancy

When you buy a new fridge, you might wonder just how much value for money you’re about to enjoy. The longer a fridge lasts, the more cost effective your decision will turn out to be. Understanding fridge life expectancy will make it even easier for you to determine whether or not to repair or replace your fridge. Following some simple fridge maintenance tips can even prolong the life of this appliance.

For the most part, a standard refrigerator lasts between 10 and 18 years. The average fridge life expectancy is about 14 years which is reasonable. Compact models are known to last between 4 and 12 years, and the average life of these models is about 8 years. Of course, just because there’s a certain lifespan associated with your fridge, it does not mean that you need to discard it as soon as anything goes wrong. It also doesn’t mean that you are powerless in terms of extending the life of your fridge. Here are some general maintenance tips that will ensure a longer fridge life:

Clean It Properly

The best thing anyone can do to make their fridge last longer is to perform proper maintenance as needed. Never let a small problem become something significant. Proper cleaning on a regular basis also helps prolong the life of any fridge. If a gasket becomes loose, torn, or full of dirt, it might not seal perfectly. This is not only a waste of energy, but it will result in the motor working harder to maintain the set temperature. While cleaning the gasket, make sure that you inspect for damage or tears. You can also test the seal on the door by closing it on a bank note. If the bank note is easily removed, the seal is not as tight as it should be and the gasket might need to be replaced.

The condenser coils on your fridge are responsible for proper functioning of your refrigerator. When these coils become covered with dirt, dust, and grime, it will make them less efficient. This increases energy bills, and it can cause additional compressor wear. When cleaning the coils, make sure that you unplug the fridge first and then remove the grille that covers these coils. Use your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to clean the coils.

Let the Air Flow and Keep It Level

While your fridge is cool inside, the exterior gets quite warm sometimes. All the more reason to ensure proper ventilation on all sides. You should also avoid stacking large, heavy items on top of your fridge. Some fridges have vents on top which should never be blocked or covered.

Finally, when you order a new fridge or even when you move your fridge, make sure that you always place it on a level surface. This little tip greatly affects fridge life expectancy because it’s never good to have your appliance rock from left to right or front to back. The fridge might not close properly as a result, and it can put a strain on the motor. Condensation can form as well, and this can allow water to build up in your fridge which is obviously not ideal.

Provided you take the time to clean, maintain, and level your fridge, your refrigerator will last that much longer. It may even exceed the usual life expectancy! A good thing to remember is that prompt repairs will also help prolong the life of your fridge. Not to mention the fact that professional fridge repairs are far cheaper than replacing the appliance. For same-day fridge repairs by trained experts, call Express Appliance Repair at (647) 492-7773.