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2308, 2017
Fridge Energy Saving Tips

Fridge Energy Saving Tips

Your refrigerator is one of your household appliances that never stops working. Sure, the motor might run for a few minutes before turning off, but your fridge continues to monitor the temperature inside so that it can turn on as soon as it gets too warm. This means that your fridge will generally consume a fair amount of electricity. If you want to make sure that it is energy efficient, there are a few fridge energy saving tips you can follow.

Check the Energy Rating

Firstly, if you are planning on buying a new fridge, make sure that you pay attention to the energy rating of the fridge. These ratings are your first indication of how much you can expect your fridge to affect your electric bill.

Fridge Energy Saving Routine

Another important tip to remember is to be careful when stocking your fridge. Some items do not need to be refrigerated until opened and some don’t need to be stored in the fridge at all. When you fill your fridge with items that don’t need to be stored at such a low temperature, you are making it tougher for your fridge to do its job. The air will not move as freely, which means that the motor will cycle for longer and more often. This pushes your electric bill up, of course.

It’s also good to allow any food and beverages to cool to room temperature before placing them in your fridge. If you place a hot pot of food in your fridge, it will heat up everything including the rest of your food! In addition, you will notice excessive condensation. Another tip to remember with regards to reducing condensation is to always ensure that everything in your fridge has its own lid or is covered in some way. Too much condensation forces the compressor to work that much harder.

If your fridge is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you will also enjoy greater energy efficiency. Regularly clean out the drainage pipe as well as the condenser coils to make your fridge more efficient.

Ventilate and Check the Temperature Regularly

Your fridge needs some ventilation. While keeping your food cold, it will release some heat. You need to allow this heat to escape freely. Do this by ensuring that there’s enough room around your fridge and there’s nothing obstructing the vents. Sometimes these vents are located on top of your fridge. Be careful when placing anything on top of your refrigerator since you could block these vents in the process. Last, but not least, check the temperature setting of your fridge. If it’s not low enough, your food will go bad. If it’s too low, you will force your fridge to work too hard.

Remember, by taking care of your appliances, and by following these simple fridge energy saving tips, you’ll save money on electricity bills and costly repairs. From time to time, however, you may need some repairs, and this is when you need to call Express Appliance Repair at (647) 492-7773. We offer same day service, and we always work quickly to resolve any problem you might have. Visit our Markham appliance repair customer support website.