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1311, 2019
Dishwasher Repair – Why Is My Dishwasher Displaying the E1 Error Code?

Dishwasher Repair – Why Is My Dishwasher Displaying the E1 Error Code?

You were just about to put the dishes in the dishwasher and you noticed the LED screen is displaying “E1”, we’ve noticed this is a common problem with some LG and Kenwood dishwashers. Before you give up and decide to wash your dishes by hand, roll your sleeve down and read this article to discover if it is an easy fix.

There are a few potential problems that could be causing the “E1” message to appear, and they are:

  • Dishes loaded incorrectly
  • You’re using too much detergent (we have a helpful article here about why dishwasher detergent won’t dissolve)
  • You’re using the wrong detergent
  • A leak in the door
  • The dishwasher was not installed properly
  • Your Sump motor is faulty
  • Your float switch is not working
  • Your sump assembly is leaking

For some of these problems, there is an easy solution like the dishes not being loaded correctly, or using too much or the wrong detergent, for the rest you will have to call an appliance repair service. However, before you call for dishwasher repair in Toronto and the GTA, go through these steps to see if there is anything else you could do to fix the problem.

Ensure Drain Hose is Installed Properly

Improperly installed drain hoses are a common defect with a lot of dishwasher installations.

When your drain hose outlet is positioned lower than the base, the tub may drain too early. The end of the hose should be located at least 10 inches from the bottom to prevent the water from draining out of the tub prematurely.

If you have your hose in the correct position but still have problems with draining, make sure your hose isn’t damaged. If it is then you may have to get it replaced.

Use the Proper Detergents

When you use the wrong type of detergent, it can produce excess suds, which can cause the “E1” message to be displayed. The instruction manual that came with your dishwasher will specify which detergents are best to use with your machine. If you no longer have the manual, check to see that the detergent you are using is intended for automatic dishwashers.

Make Sure Your Door Isn’t Leaking

A leaking door is another potential problem that causes the “E1” error message to appear. To see if it is leaking, check if drops of water are seeping through while the machine is in use.

If you do feel water coming out, check the door seal for damage. If the seal on your door is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Replacing the seal is a dishwasher repair you can do on your own and will not require an appliance repair company. Follow these steps to replace your seal.

  1. Remove the door seal – Open the door and pull out the seal from the channel on the edge of the door, noting which side of the door the seal faces.
  2. Clean the channel where the seal sits – Use mild dishwashing detergent and a cotton swab to thoroughly clean the channel where the seal sits and let the channel dry.
  3. Warm the new seal to remove creases – Use a blow dryer or heat gun and smooth out any creases on the new seal.
  4. Install the new seal – Fold the seal at the midpoint with the correct side of the seal facing out and press the seal to the center point of the channel on top of the dishwasher and press the seal along the top and evenly down both sides of the door. Press the seal into the channel as much as possible and leave the door shut for several hours.

Make Sure You’re Loading Dishes Properly

The position of large dishwares, such as pots and pans can affect the distribution of water around the tub and could produce excess water, the system sees this a flood which causes the “E1” error message. Your dishwasher’s instruction manual will show how to properly place dishes

If you have gone through all of these steps, it may be time to call an appliance repair company to have your dishwasher repaired.

If you are in need of dishwasher repair in Toronto and the GTA, Express Appliance Repair is the company to call. We have been doing appliance repair for the past 25 years and we can fix any appliance brand and model, and we also offer same-day services. Call us today at (647) 492-7773 for any dishwasher repair needs.