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We also fix gas appliances

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0604, 2020
What are the best Brands of Fridges to Buy?

What are the best Brands of Fridges to Buy?

When shopping around for a new fridge, you will come across many different brands. A large number of brands can make it difficult to pick out which fridge would be the best for you and your needs. 

There is, of course, the matter of pricing but also the overall quality and features that come with the fridge. It is important to know all of your options before going ahead and buying a new fridge, because it is, after all, a rather large investment of money you will have to make.  

In this article, we are going to take 5 fridge brands and highlight their strengths so you can make an informed decision on which brand would be the best choice when purchasing your new fridge.

Best Price: Samsung 

When it comes to pricing, Samsung is usually the go-to brand. They offer affordable, yet quality fridges that usually come with some great features. Samsung fridges are also durable, stylish, and are capable of taking on a busy household. 

You will find Samsung fridges in many different styles including, french door and side-by-side styles. Samsung also makes the best counter depth refrigerator on the market today. Their counter depth fridges come from 3-door models to 4-doors design.

Best Energy Efficiency: LG Refrigerator

LG produces modern fridges and is the company behind the door within a door design many fridges use today. LG is known for its wide range of quality appliances with their fridges being no different. LG fridges are known for being very reliable and energy-efficient.

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They offer a wide range of styles from the top-freezer, bottom freezer, french door, side-by-side and many other styles. They also include energy-saving features such as InstaView. This is an interior light that illuminates when you touch the outside of the fridge so you do not have to open it to see what is inside. It also has a spherical craft ice maker which creates slow-melting ice.  

Reliability: GE Refrigerator

General Electric’s fridges are known most for being dependable, well-designed and having innovative technology. Another fantastic feature that accompanies GE fridges is the large variety of selection of models they provide. They have budget-friendly, entry-level, or high-end models to ensure that everyone can obtain one of their fridges. 

Best Interior: Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool is known for its fantastic appliances. While they do not incorporate as much technology as other brands, the dependability, construction and overall quality makes up for it. They provide a wide range of styles and differing price ranges. 

One of the best qualities of Whirlpool fridges is its robust offering of warranties and support programs. On top of that, they produce appliances with quality construction and always ensure the customer is taken care of even after the sale.

Best Overall Quality: Frigidaire Refrigerator

As the name implies, Frigidaire is best known for its high-quality fridges. The products are reliable, energy-efficient, and are highly durable, so you know you can rely on them. Their lineup of fridges includes many different models ranging from different styles and price points. 

Frigidaire fridges are most known for being a workhorse among other competitors. This is because, on top of always getting the job done, they are low-maintenance and are highly capable of providing adequate climate control. 

All of these brands have different qualities, so picking the right one is really all about what you want out of your fridge. If you want something cost-effective, Samsung is for you. For something energy efficient, go with the LG. Determining what you would like from your fridge will make the process of purchasing one much easier. 

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