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0803, 2018
Appliance Repair: What You Should Know About Maintenance

Appliance Repair: What You Should Know About Maintenance

First thing’s first, when an appliance breaks down in your home, the smartest thing to do is have an appliance repair technician come over and see what the issue is. Your fiddling around with vital parts of the appliance could only make things worse. This will cost you extra money and time, the two things most of us don’t have to spare.

One thing you can do, however, is to give your appliances some proper care to avoid them breaking down in the first place. Even though our appliances are there to help and serve us, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for them every once in a while. Here are some appliance repair tips you can use in your home:

Washing Machine


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If the washing machine breaks down, it may be the toughest appliance repair to perform because there are so many things that could have gone wrong with it. The first thing you should definitely avoid is overloading your machine. This will make the washing machine lose its balance, which may lead to serious issues.

No matter what kind of cycle you want, always follow washing instructions from the manual to prevent malfunctions. You should also try to keep the machine level. Place it as close to the floor as possible because strong vibrations can cause the machine to move across the room, which may result in serious damage.


The dryer has proven itself a highly useful tool in shortening laundry time. According to most appliance repair professionals, the most common cause of dryer malfunction is lint build-up. An important thing you can do to protect your dryer is to clean the lint filter after every cycle. As an extra precaution, use a vacuum cleaner or a long handle brush to remove lint from the filter’s chute as well.

Extra tip: Pay attention to how long it takes the dryer to finish the drying process. If it takes too long, there is probably a lint build-up clogging the vent.



Maintaining your dishwasher is important

Dishwashers are life savers. They are so useful when it comes to cleaning up after that big family dinner or birthday party. Can you imagine having to hand wash all those dish piles and greasy pots and pans after every meal? Appliance repair technicians say that many dishwasher malfunctions come from poor maintenance. Since your dishwasher cleans so many dirty dishes for you, the request is simple: try to return the favor once in a while. Simply take a warm cloth and some household cleaning solution and wipe the inside of the dishwasher. This will eliminate bad odors and remove food residue that might affect its performance.


As a vital part of any kitchen, your fridge requires proper maintenance. Appliance repair professionals strongly advise defrosting and cleaning the fridge every six months. Some refrigerators have their own defrosting systems, in which case you don’t have to do anything except clean the water pan. To get rid of that nasty food odor, the best thing to do is deodorize the fridge every once in a while.


Out of all household appliances, the stove is probably the hardest one to maintain. Food residue is sometimes difficult to remove, and cleaning the oven can be a nightmare. To avoid calling your appliance repair technician every couple of months, the best thing you can do is frequently clean the stove. Today, you can also purchase self-cleaning ovens. With this type of oven, it is very important to follow the instructions manual. Don’t use any cleaning solution unless the manual says so.