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How To Repair an AEG Dryer E12 Error?

E12 Error Code Issue:

aeg appliance repairDryers are an essential part of our daily life. All the clothing and other items we use in day to day life can be dried using a dryer machine.  However, sometimes even the simplest of things can cause some problems, such as E12 Error Code that might appear when the AEG dryers have difficulty in filling water during drying. To solve this problem, let’s see how we can fix or repair a broken down dryer here.


Error Resolution:

Action To Take

How To Repair an Appliance

To solve the error, first check that the tap is not turned off, then inspect the water inlet hose for kinks and also check water level system for blockages. Finally you might need to replace water inlet valves.

The solution to your E12 Error Code on your AEG Dryer, might also be similar to E11.



Contact Express Appliance Repair

If you have tried all of that to still have problem with your E12 error code, then you should call an appliance repair technician to come and check what is wrong with your washer.


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