Oven In Cabinet Installation in Vancouver

oven in cabinet installationYou’re handy around the house. Hanging a door, refinishing the tiles of the bathroom, even repainting the kids rooms. It makes perfect sense that you’d feel ready for a challenge. Do not make that challenge performing an oven in cabinet installation. Trust us, save it for the professionals. Instead, consider adding that handcrafted wooden deck out back.

Imagine the frustration you’d feel after working for hours, only to have mismeasured by three inches. Don’t go there. Call us. When you want to install an oven, we can be available the same-day. We take pride in providing clients with a convenient and fast installation.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays


For nearly three decades, we have been providing oven in cabinet installation services to the greater Vancouver area. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Proper installation, surfaces are flush and machines function properly
  • Model-specific guidelines, any unique instructions we follow to a tee
  • Electrical connectivity, checking and double checking all electrical wiring
  • Quality assurance, we test all functions of the newly installed ovens


oven in cabinet installationThis appliance stands out. It is sleek and modern, adding a taste of luxury to a kitchen. Coordinated designs and colors upgrade the aesthetic, making the chef and family alike feel at home. That doesn’t mean any old appliance company is qualified to install or repair ovens in cabinet. That’s where we come in. Our years of experience vastly outshine our competition and our technicians know the full range of models. In the greater Vancouver area, there is no better choice.

Lightning Fast Service in Vancouver

The kitchen is the heart of the home, pumping life-sustaining food to the family. We understand just how important speed and efficiency are when it comes to service. When you call us, you’ll receive the swiftest possible – same-day or following-day – installation.

Safety And Insurance

Do not let any old contractor work on your oven in cabinet. You open yourself to great financial risk if the job is not done correctly or safely. Trust us. Our technicians are certified, insured and experienced. We are the experts and can make any installation a seamless and stress-free process.

Reasonable Prices, No Sneaky Fees

Simple, honest direct communication of all costs is at the heart of our business model. When you call us, you can expect oven installation services at affordable prices. We will never nickel and dime you or tack on any sneaky fees. Your happiness is our ultimate goal, which is why we support each installation and repair with a 1-year limited warranty. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your existing oven in cabinet or potential installation, please call us.

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