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If your dryer refuses to spin, you can turn to our expert technicians to diagnose the problem and get your dryer back to work. We provide:

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    Common Dryer Problems

    fast dryer repairAre your clothes still damp after the full cycle? If you say yes, you will need a good dryer repair service. Lucky for you, Express Appliance Repair London has a lot of experience repairing dryers. We fix many dryer issues, but the most common ones are:

    • Clothes are not drying properly
    • Dryer does not get hot
    • The dryer drum doesn’t move or turn
    • Dryer runs too hot
    • Dryer does not turn on

    Popular Dryer Brands

    Your can trust our technicians to work on your dryer because we have worked with all of the main dryer brands.We fix all makes and models of dryers, including but not limited to:

    • Electrolux
    • LG
    • GE
    • Maytag
    • Whirlpoo
    • And many others!

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    professional dryer repairWhen you work with us, you can rely on us to provide:

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Expert Fridge Repair
    • No hidden charges
    • Quick and quality repairs
    • Affordable prices
    • Insured and Certified technicians
    • Up to 1 year limited warranty

    Dryer Error Codes

    When you notice an error code on your dryer, this may indicate a minor error or a minor fault. The first thing you should do is consult the user manual in order to find out more about the problem. If the fault is complex and involves more than simply resetting your appliance, call us right away for fast assistance.

    Common Dryer Questions

    There are a few basic maintenance practices that you should follow from the moment your dryer is installed. Here are the steps to follow:

    • Clean the dryer vent regularly.
    • Clean the lint sheet before each use.
    • Do not place soiled laundry in your dryer. Only washed laundry should be placed in the dryer.
    • Wipe the exterior of your dryer now and then to remove any dust and lint.

    We offer same-day repairs throughout London. When our team arrives, we will diagnose the problem. If a new part is required and we have this part in our van, we can complete repairs on the spot. If a par needs to be ordered, we will gladly inform you regarding any wait times.

    If the dryer drum becomes stained, you should clean it right away. Make a paste with powdered laundry detergent and some warm water. Rub this paste on the interior of the drum before wiping it off with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use too much water! Run your dryer with a load of clean towels or other laundry to dry the drum.

    If lint builds up, air does not circulate and this can result in damage to the appliance or even a fire. After you use your dryer, you should clean the lint filter so that it’s ready for the next load of laundry.

    Overheating can be caused by several reasons. If the airflow to the dryer is restricted, hot air can get stuck in the dryer. If the thermostat is faulty, this is another possible cause. It is best to avoid using your dryer and call us right away.

    If your dryer is not getting warm enough, it could be due to insufficient voltage, a faulty heating element, a defective thermal fuse, a problem with the thermostat or timer motor, This is a more complex problem to diagnose and is best left to the professionals.

    The first thing to check is how much laundry you have placed inside the dryer. If you overload the dryer, it will take longer to dry everything. If this is not the case, it could be due to a problem with the drum seal, lint filter or the coil. These are faults that a trained technician should diagnose and repair.

    If your dryer starts making any strange sounds, you should pause the cycle to find out what’s going on. Ignoring such noises can result in additional damage to the dryer. It’s a good idea to remove the load of laundry and check for any foreign objects like coins. If there are no foreign objects to be found and the noise continues, stop using the dryer and call us right away.

    If your clothes do not smell as fresh as they should, you can try adding bounce sheets to each load of laundry. Alternatively, you can place a baby wipe with s drop of essential oil inside the dryer before running the cycle.

    The most common cause of this problem is a faulty dryer belt. This is a problem best left to the experts.

    There are a number of possible problems. Some more complex than others. Whether its as simple as a door switch or something more complex like a motor problem, our technicians will gladly assist.

    If you are not overloading your dryer, this problem could be caused by a blocked venting hose. A blockage of this nature will slow the drying process.

    If you notice a problem with your dryer, it is best to avoid using it until a technician has diagnosed and repaired the fault. Using your dryer in a less than perfect state can cause more damage or even pose a fire risk.

    If the same problem reoccurs after our team has completed the repairs, it is covered by the guarantee and we will assist you promptly.

    The best thing you can do is remove any laundry from your dryer and leave the appliance as is. Our technicians will perform any necessary work and move the appliance as needed.

    We always stock our vans with a selection of parts that might be needed to complete repairs on the spot. If, for whatever reason, a part needs to be ordered, we will discuss this with you in detail so that you are fully informed and prepared.

    We always do everything we can to perform repairs during our initial visit. Our technicians arrive with the tools and several spare parts that might be needed to complete the repairs.