Appliance Repair Kitchener

We all depend on several household appliances to help us through each day. From your refrigerator and oven to your washer and dryer, life without these essential appliances is tough to imagine.

Without a refrigerator, you would have no place to store items like meats, dairy products, and leftovers from cooked meals. Without your washer, you will spend hours hunched over the tub as you soak, scrub, and rinse each garment. Given the necessity of each of these appliances, it’s easy to understand why speedy repairs are so important. At Express Appliance Repair Kitchener, we offer same day repairs. Call (647) 483-9051 and our team will come prepared with tools and spare parts to get the job done fast!

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Appliance Repair KITCHENER – Service Area

Why Choose Express Appliance Repair Kitchener?

When one of your appliances breaks, it can turn your whole world upside down. It’s not easy to get through a week, or even a day without your fridge, stove, dishwasher, or any of your other favorite household appliances. Urgency is something we understand all too well at Express Appliance Repair. We offer speedy appliance repairs, and our team is available 7 days a week. Whether it’s day, night, during the week, or over a weekend, our team is always ready to assist. Our technicians arrive in a fully-equipped van. From tools to spare parts, we always come prepared. In almost every instance, we are able to diagnose and repair appliances during a single visit. Apart from speedy repairs, we also provide every customer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter the make or model of you household appliance, our trained technicians will have it up and running again in no time!

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Fantastic repair!
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“Repairman fixed our washer in good time. Pleasant gentleman explained the problem. Satisfied with the service.”
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“Michael the tech guy was super professional. He fixed the problem promptly and the cost was not expensive.”
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fridge repair Kitchener

Fridge Repair Kitchener


There is no doubt that your refrigerator is one of, if not the most important appliances in any home. When your fridge breaks down, the first thing you need to do is contact our team for urgent fridge repair services. If your fridge is not running or isn’t getting cold enough, you should also do everything in your power not to open the door while waiting for our repair team. All fridges are quite well insulated which means that they will maintain their temperature for longer if the doors are kept shut.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays

stove repair Kitchener

Stove Repair Kitchener


Stoves have been around for many years and, over time, they have become more efficient and advanced. From stews and soups to fried foods and pancakes, your stove does it all! That’s why our fast Kitchener stove repair services are so important! The last thing you want is to have to exceed your food budget by ordering in every night while waiting for repairs. Our technicians will arrive the very same day to perform quality repairs.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays

dishwasher repair Kitchener

Dishwasher Repair Kitchener


Dishwashers are more than just convenient. Apart from cleaning all of your dishes, they also ensure that your cutlery, crockery, and glassware are properly sanitized. Once the wash cycle is complete, you need only open the door and allow your dishes to air-dry and cool before packing them away. If you notice that your dishwasher is not turning on, draining, or making a strange noise, call us immediately for same day dishwasher repair services throughout Kitchener.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays

washer repair Kitchener

Washer Repair Kitchener


If your washer has ever failed you in the past, you will know just how stressful it can be. For the most part, you will only notice a fault with your washer when you need to use it. This means that you will have at least one load of laundry that needs washing. Now, before you start filling the tub, call our team first. We offer same day Kitchener washer repair services, available 7 days a week for your convenience.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays

dryer repair Kitchener

Dryer Repair Kitchener


For some, dryers are used at least once a week, whereas others only use their dryer during colder months or when they need a particular item of clothing dried in a hurry. Either way, if your dryer does not turn on, fails to turn, gets too hot, or doesn’t get warm at all, call us! Our trained technicians will be right over to diagnose the issue and perform speedy dryer repair services.

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays

oven repair Kitchener

Oven Repair Kitchener


Whether you are slow roasting your favorite meal or baking up a storm, your oven will send the most delicious smells throughout your home. You might even have a few neighbors’ mouths watering! If your oven gets too hot or not hot enough, however, you will end up with burned or uncooked meals. For fast Kitchener oven repair services, call our team today. Our same day service will have you cooking again before you know it!

Available 7 am – 10 pm including weekends and holidays


Because You Deserve the Best!

Your appliances work hard every day to ensure that you don’t have to. It’s understandable for them to require repairs and maintenance from time to time. When this happens, don’t settle for less. Get the best when you call our team! Not only do we perform speedy repairs, but we also back each service with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.