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Inglis appliance repairs

Inglis is a Canadian company and has been producing quality household appliances for decades. In the late 80s, the company was bought out by Whirlpool, but it was not until 2001 that the name was changed. These high-quality appliances are found in homes throughout Canada and, like any other household appliance, they need repairs and maintenance from time to time. When your Inglis refrigerator, range, or dishwasher needs repairs, be sure to call professional technicians. Our team at Express Appliance Repair Hamilton knows what makes every appliance tick. Not only do we offer fast, same-day service, but we also come prepared with the tools and a selection of parts to complete repairs on the spot! Contact us on (289) 426-5751; we are available from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week for Inglis appliance repairs all around Hamilton.

Why Call Express Appliance Repair in Hamilton for Inglis Appliances?

When one of your home appliances malfunctions or breaks down, it can easily send your world into a bit of a spiral. If your fridge breaks down, you will worry about all your food, and if your washer springs a leak, you will need to clean up and figure out how to get your laundry done. Each appliance is important in its own way which is why you need reputable and reliable repair services. Express Appliance Repair Hamilton provides fast and professional Inglis appliance repairs all around Hamilton. We understand that appliances can break at any moment and without notice which is why we are available from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week, and we offer same day service. Our technicians always arrive prepared with tools and parts to complete repairs without delay. To top it all, our work is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, for extra peace of mind.

inglis fridge repair

Inglis has produced several refrigerator models over the years. No matter the make or model, any fridge can break down. Leaks, thermostat problems, and faulty motors are all common problems. When any of these or another fault occurs, your food could spoil if repairs are not immediately carried out. Call Express Appliance Repair Hamilton for same day Inglis fridge repairs. Our team will come prepared with parts and tools to get the job done fast!

inglis stove repair

Ranges are essential for cooking. Whether you prefer meals prepared on your stove or in an oven, your range makes all cooking a pleasure. Some common problems that affect ranges include those isolated to the oven portion while others affect the stove portion. No matter the fault or issue, it’s important to call experts for any Inglis stove repair. At Express Appliance Repair Hamilton, all of our work is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

inglis dishwasher repair

Dishwashers help save time and they also ensure that your dishes are properly sanitized. When your dishwasher fails to clean your dishes properly or even when it won’t turn on, this can be more than just inconvenient. Fortunately, thanks to our 7 days a week Inglis dishwasher repair services, you won’t need to worry about returning to hand washing. Call us for fast, same day repairs by our professional team of experienced technicians.

inglis washing machine repair

If you have ever lived without a washer, you will know just how much easier your life is with one in your home. When your washer makes a strange noise, does not turn on, or starts to leak, it’s best to address the problem sooner rather than later. Do not use your washer if you notice a problem since this could make it even worse. Instead, call Express Appliance Repair for expert assistance and speedy repairs.

inglis dryer repair

Much like your washer, your dryer also helps you save a significant amount of time when it comes to doing your laundry. Instead of waiting several days for your laundry to dry, your dryer speeds up this process and eliminates the need for a washing line. Common problems that may occur include temperature control issues and faults within the motor. No matter the model, Express Appliance Repair technicians will get your Inglis dryer repaired before you know it!

Fast Inglis Appliance Repairs in Hamilton

When you buy any new appliance, it usually works so well that you hardly even think about the eventual probability of repairs. Of course, this all changes when your fridge motor fails or the thermostat on your oven breaks. Express Appliance Repair Hamilton understands just how important every appliance is as well as the time-sensitive nature of all Inglis appliance repairs. Choose us for speedy same day service!

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