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fridge repairWhen your fridge, dishwasher, or any other household appliance lets you down, it can feel like the end of the world. The first thing that many people think of is the cost of repairs as well as how long it will take to get the repairs completed. At Express Appliance Repair, our team arrives with a fully-equipped van. By arriving with all the necessary tools and various parts, we are able to perform almost all repairs during our first visit. As for pricing, we understand that each household has its own financial concerns. This is why we always do everything in our power to keep repair costs to an absolute minimum. For affordable and reliable appliance repairs in Georgetown, call Express Appliance Repairs on (647) 483-9051.

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Why Express Appliance Repair Georgetown?

If you are looking for professional and speedy appliance repairs in Georgetown, look no further than Express Appliance Repair! Not only does our team offer 24/7 service and same day appliance repairs, but we also make sure that quality repairs are a top priority. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if your appliance is not repaired, you don’t pay! Our team of technicians is qualified and experienced in working on household appliances of every make and model. This means that we know exactly where to look for the cause of the problem and how to fix it fast. No matter what, we always put your best interests first, and our technicians are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the repairs.

Fridge Repair Georgetown


There’s no doubt that your refrigerator is one of, if not the most, important appliances in your home. Imagine life without a fridge to store your fresh produce and keep cooked meals well-preserved for a day or two. Given the constant demand placed on your fridge, it’s understandable for this appliance to break down sometimes. When this happens, call us for the fastest professional Georgetown fridge repairs! Our same day service will help ensure that none of your refrigerated food goes to waste.

Stove Repair Georgetown


For most of us, using a stove has become such second nature that we hardly consider how we would make various meals or beverages without it! Some of the most common problems for gas and electric stoves include individual faulty burners, temperature regulation trouble, and all four burners not working. Fortunately, our team knows just how to diagnose and repair these and other problems. Whatever the fault, call Express Appliance Repair and we will have you cooking again in no time!

Dishwasher Repair Georgetown


Whether your dishwasher is not cleaning dishes as it should or it’s not turning on at all, it’s important to contact a professional for speedy repairs. Even if the problem seems minor for now, if you continue using your dishwasher, it can cause the problem to get worse which will result in further damage and more costly repairs. Express Appliance Repair is available 24/7 for same day dishwasher repairs in Georgetown. Call our team for quick and reliable repairs.

Washer Repair Georgetown


Life without a washer will involve spending endless hours at the local laundromat or handwashing all your clothing and linen. Neither of these options is particularly appealing when you consider the inconvenience and how much time you would save if your washer was up and running. Doing laundry at a laundromat is also substantially more expensive that doing laundry at home. Rather than wait days or even weeks for repairs, call Express Appliance Repair for reliable professionals who always live up to their name!

Dryer Repair Georgetown


Your washer is not the only important appliance when it comes to doing laundry. Whether you use your dryer regularly or occasionally, there’s no denying the time saved thanks to your trusty dryer. Of course, even with occasional use, your dryer is bound to require some repairs and maintenance from time to time, and this is exactly where we come in! Not only do we offer same day dryer repairs in Georgetown, but we also back each repair with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Oven Repair Georgetown


Your oven, like your stove, plays an important role in meal preparation. Without your oven, you will not be able to prepare any baked or roasted meals. For many households, baked foods are essential due to health and dietary needs which is all the more reason to call us for fast oven repairs in Georgetown. Express Appliance Repair technicians always arrive prepared for anything. We keep all the necessary tools on hand as well as a selection of parts that might need to be replaced. This means that we can almost always perform repairs during our first visit.

Superior Household Appliance Repair Specialists!

Express Appliance Repair technicians take great pride in our professionalism, speedy work, and attention to detail. It’s these three factors that allow us to perform top quality repairs on fridges, stoves, dishwashers, and other household appliances throughout Georgetown. For your peace of mind, we also back every repair with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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